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Good Shepherd Ranch Horse Drawn Vehicles for Hire

We provide beautiful Wagons, Victorian french wedding carriages, & Surreys with the fringe on top for any event.

With your choice of the legendary Budweiser Clydesdale horses, fairy tale white French mares, or black & white paint horses.

Our well trained horses symbolize power, beauty, grace & elegance!

We are professional & take much pride in adding to your special day or event.

*We are family owned*

Available Horse Drawn Vehicles:

The French Carriage (Vis a Vis)

Sits 4 max

The Surrey

Sits 8-12

Big Wagons

Our people movers & party wagons

Sits 20-25 people

Room for small bands as well

Pioneer Wagon

Sits 8-12

Meet some of our lovlies - The Horses

*The ones who make the magic happen*

Thunder -

Our powerful, majestic, elegant & stunning legendary Clydesdale gentleman. This tall, dark & handsome boy will melt your heart with his stunning good looks, good manners & come love me partial blue eyes!

Thunder loves children & enjoys the attention! 


Wagon/Carriage rental: on the Good Shepherd Ranch - $150.00 per hour (Any horse drawn vehicle of your choice)

French Carriage rental: Location of your choice - Rate starts at $750.00 (Travel Charge may apply)

Surrey Rental: Location of your Choice - Rate starts at $800.00

(Travel Charge may apply).

Large Wagon Rental: Location of your choice - Rate starts at $900.00   (Travel Charge may apply)

Fuel charges may apply depending on your location.

Want to rent multiple horse drawn vehicles?

Call for special rates.  

When you hire us you are supporting a small, family owned business, and giving our horses a purpose.

Our Horses love to be apart of the events as they get pampered/cleaned up prior to the event & they love the public attention.

Have questions? Want more info? Want to book an event?

Please email or

or call 520-990-2041

It would be an honor & pleasure to be part of your event, Thank you!

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