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Thanks again , there is not enough words to explain how awesome you are.

God bless


Update on Athena done on 06/27/2020

Thank you! We are loving Cash - he's going to be the perfect horse for David. He was JUST what we were looking for.


I always enjoy and appreciate your health and training tips. they are

informative and very important, so I just thought I would take the

time to thank you! sincerely, eva baker

Hi.... I've ridden 3 days in a row and riding tomorrow......Zen has been a very good boy and listens. The mounting block lesson took only 1 time for Zen to figure out. Everyone thinks he is fabulous... and very good looking.....and very cute....including his name. He's quiet at feeding time which thrills Frank. Doesn't gobble his food...makes it last. I'm sure there may be a test or two....but we're just taking our time...Together.....



Just thought I?d drop you a few more recent photos of Duece here in Las Vegas. Only one with he and I (can?t seem to find anyone with a camera when I?m riding? Emoji), but thought you'd enjoy seeing him again. The rider is my wife Karla, who keeps sayin' that she'd trade her mare, Rosebud , to me for Duece any time. (I don't think there's really any chance of that, as you can see in the last photo, but...?) We really love this sweet boy, and he seems happy and healthy. Thanks again for getting us together!

Hope all is well with you and David, and your "herd".

Take care.

Randy Norris

Hi Francesca,

I thought you might enjoy an update on the wonderful mare you sold us. Our whole family is in love with Dolly. She's a delight to ride every way we've tried so far...from bareback without even a halter - to overdressed; with full gear plus my daughters idea of dress up clothes for a horse! We recently got an older gelding as well and although hes a wonderful horse and well trained, Dolly is the horse my 8 yr old rides simply because shes the one that I trust the most. My daughter loves to ride fast and loves to ride bareback and when she took her first inevitable tumble, Dolly stopped on a dime and didn't even shift her feet until my daughter had gotten back up and remounted. All that and she loves to get hugged on, nickers greetings to us, and has great manners overall. Did I mention we can lead her around without a lead rope, halter or anything at all? Just a small lock of her mane or a hand resting on her neck and she walks where ever we ask. What a wonderful horse!

Most of the time we ride her with just a bareback pad and a halter and shes just so well behaved. Shes a real treat. We've learned we can open gates from her back, trim trees or just lie back like shes a warm, furry couch. I think Dolly's favorite though is when we ask her to stop for a second so that we can pick her a mesquite bean

I was very nervous about buying a horse sight unseen, but shes proving to be all that I'd hoped for.

Thank you so much for everything! Marti

**Purchased Sight Unseen**


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we were thinking about you and very much enjoying Mojo. He is such a good boy doing very well... Our grand daughter came for a visit and while she didn't ride him this time, she walked him all over the place and had a wonderful time spoiling him!!! He is very curious and playful and has developed a great partnership with one of our other horses Whiskey...they play ball with each other in the mornings when it is cool and it is a true delight to watch their interactions...

Just wanted you to know we really love our sweet Mojo and thank you often for finding him for us.

The offer is still available when you come through town to stop by for some iced tea/soda and check on Mojo....

Thanks again

Ann and Joe

**Purchased Sight Unseen**

Francesca, just wanted to thank you for pairing me with the horse of my dreams. I am 64 years old this yr & have been riding & owned horses just bout all my life, but never loved a horse this much. Not only is this horse everything I wanted but you have really made a difference in boosting my confidence with taking lessons from you.

You have been wonderful & I thank you.


Hi Francesca,

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Lady Bug and her family. Lady is

everything you said she would be and more. The miniature donkeys just love her

as well as the two other horses. She is such a pleasure to be around at the barn

or on the trails.

Hope all is well with you and the farm!!

Greg Briner

Hello Francesca -

I have been meaning to email you on Sassy's progress for a while now.

First off, I did rename her Cherokee. She settled into her new home

nicely and has been introduced to the other older mares she goes out

with. She took to the hot walker right off and goes on it once or twice

a week for a little bit if I do not ride, but I try to ride her in the

arena 5 times a week. With the work & diet she has lost some weight and

is sleeking out, especially since she shed out that long hair coat. Her

mane has grown back out a good inch now.

She is so much queitter than my old horse, so that makes a big

difference for me. I am trying to work on collecting & slowing her down

just a little so I can sit her trot better, although she moves nicely at

the posting trot.

Anyway I am enjoying her & will keep you updated.

Alan Nathanson

know how much I appreciate your teaching ability and horse knowledge, which made for very pleasant and informative classes. And, of course, I wish you well.


Hi Francesca!

I wanted to let you know that cheech is settling in nicely and whata smart lil boy! Real sweet pony and I'm thankful to you for letting him go to me! He hauled home like a quiet little dream and unloaded just fine. Also wanted to let you know that I found a brand on his neck. It's BLM. I can't make it out completely yet. He's still got some shedding to do. But that's a cherry on top! Mustangs are super duper animals. Looking forward to some great yrs with this boy :D.

Thx bunches!!!


Hi Fran,

There is no more professional or honest in this business than you. I recommend your Ranch to all. You & your company stand above all.


Suede is doing well, we love him :)

Hi, Francesca!!

It?s been awhile since my last update, and I have SOO much to share with you!!!

On October 6, Sassy and I attended a NATRC clinic and practice trail ride! The ride itself took almost 4 hours, and it was at up in Desert Hills. It was very challenging, but guess what??? It was just a practice competition ride, but Sassy and I took first place with a score of 99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was our FIRST real trail ride!!! Well, that boosted my confidence enough to take her out on trails without a big group of other riders. Actually, there were 2 pretty rough spots where another rider was so frightened she got off her horse and was in tears. Sassy and I helped this other gal and her horse, and the riders who were closest to us at the time, all said if Sassy and I hadn?t been so calm, there could have been a serious disaster. J I was calm, though, because Sassy was so calm; I have so much confidence in that horse. She?s taught me SO much, and amazingly, Francesca, I do remain calm in ?iffy? situations; I attribute that to Sassy for teaching me how important it is to remain calm. She is one hell of a horse!

Incidentally, I even had a vet ask me if I?d ever consider selling Sassy! She told me she?d buy her in a heartbeat, and that Sassy is one of the most sound horses she?s ever seen! Without even thinking I smiled and politely said, ?no way!? That horse is inside my heart, and I wouldn?t sell her for a million dollars! There?s no price on my love for her, and her love for me. Deena still says she?s never seen a bond like Sassy and I have. Even people who we meet out on the trails tell me that horse would do anything for me! I know Sassy?s a gift from God; I just know she is, and I thank Him every single day for her. J

David and I took Sassy and Maverick camping up at Houston Mesa in Payson. There?s a trail up there that?s about 22 miles long; that was our second trail ride!! Sassy SHINES out on the trails! That ride was even more challenging than the one in Desert Hills, but Sassy did absolutely perfect! She is so sure-footed, and there?s no ?hill or mountain she won?t climb!? (as the song goes) Honestly, this horse is afraid of NOTHING!

We go out to Coon Bluff every weekend now, and one of Sassy?s favorite things to do is to chase coyotes! LOL Yup! Right through the desert. Oh, and if there?s a bush in the way that she can?t get around fast enough, she jumps it! LOL See how much she?s taught me???

A great thing Sassy will do for me is stay ground tied!!! I will take one of my split reins and put it on the ground in front of her; I say ?stand? and honestly, Sassy does not move! We?ve been working on that for awhile; she?s so smart and learns things so well that she amazes me. It?s not just myself who thinks she?s intelligent; I?ve had trainers tell me the same thing about her! She?s a thinker!

We cross the river out at Coon Bluff! This last weekend when we crossed, the water was deeper and my feet were in the stirrups in the water and Sassy never got nervous! She just did her calm, confident walk through the water dodging the fish. J

I?m going to include some url?s of videos showing Sassy and me in different areas, and climbing and descending, etc. When you have time (I know you are very busy, but I just really want to include the videos so you can see how wonderful she is), I?d love for you to view them. Feel free to put them on your website if you?d like to!!

Deena and David and I really want to come see you soon! I am so proud of the accomplishments Sassy and I have achieved, I just can?t wait for you to see her again!!!! There?s not a more perfect horse for me anywhere!!!

By the way, Sassy and I just celebrated our SECOND anniversary! Hard to believe it?s been two years already!!!!!!

Here are the url?s for when you have some time to look at them. J

Not sure if I told you, but I hadn?t ridden a horse in almost 19 years! Never did I think I?d be cantering again, let alone able to gallop!!!! She and I do gallop sometimes! J I know we have a lot more practicing to do, but Deena said in two short years, Sassy and I have literally climbed mountains.

When you do see some of the videos, notice how easily Sassy climbs these hills!! Some of these things are very, very steep! She is so strong, and incredibly sure-footed, and she certainly doesn?t mind blazing our own trail. If there?s not a path already there, she?ll find a way up or down.

Take good care, Francesca; as always, thank you for letting me keep you updated on our beautiful mare.

Carol Chase J

Recommended first time horse owners to her for sales and training.

Wonderful facility."

Jennifer Rinaldi

hay guys,

just wanted to thank your for the great job and the magical touch you added to our wedding with that BEAUTIFUL victorian white buggy and BIG BEAUTIFUL SWEET white horse Bella. You are such a great company and wonderful people to deal with. I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone wanting to add a rare and beautiful touch to their wedding. What a treat it was to have your set up there. You are professional, dependable, polite, and even worked an additional hour for free. WOW! You can't go wrong by using good shepard carriage lines! Thank you Franchesca for making our wedding even more of a fairy tale.


I just want you to know that the horse we purchased from you Lady Bug is doing great. She is a wonderful horse and we are enjoying her immensely. She put on some weight and is getting along with her pasture buddies. Two Arabian geldings and Two Sicilian donkeys....

Thanks Again,

Greg Briner

Hi gal| Good people deserve good things, Good Shepard Ranch is a good thing. I love your web site and follow it. thanks



(Rio) Another nice looking Appaloosa! I hope he is as good as Sergeant Pepper. If he is even close, he will certainly make someone happy. Sergeant Pepper and I have been doing great. He is getting ridden nearly everyday. When Suzanne, my trainer first saw him, she thought he was kind of green. The next week she thought higher of him, since he wasn't so nervous. The third week, she felt he was a diamond in the rough, in fact she convinced me that he and I could do well in the show ring. She thoroughly believes this and got me to believe it as well. The only hitch, she was talking English, not Western. I thought it over one day (one drive home) and decided to go for it.

So I researched English saddles, tack, even britches, and went head first into the English world. Now we are starting on small jumps, and will probably start in some local shows in a few months. The fact that I am even sitting in an English saddle used to seem as probable as going vegetarian or changing religions. Now that I have been riding English for close to two months, I have to say its really making me a much better rider.

It's not to say that we never have arguments, but overall he has been a wonderful partner, and every time I ride him, I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have been blessed with.

Hope all is well with both of you and the rest of your horses.



Wanted to thank you again for

your understanding, honesty and great personality. I wish you the very best with your business in 2013. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a QH.


I love Butterscotch - he is always ready to ride. Happy New Year and thanks for helping me find a New Horse!


You always amaze me and

I only hope you keep it up. 


Francesca is the best. She helped me out by taking my old friend Richie Rich who was just about to be put to sleep because of his age and he was just not usable and I was boarding him an unable to have him and a horse that I was able to ride both. I have been through a year of medical issues and now needed to get out and do something to help both my mental and physical health. Francesca had a wonderful mare that will be great for me and she will find a great companion home for Richie. It was a win win for all of us thanks to Good Shephard Ranch and Francesca. Great and honest person. Thanks Eileen


Sergeant Pepper is working out to be a great horse, nice personality.

Maybe we will be back out there pretty soon. I am thinking spring time, I will start looking for a good, small and safe horse for our oldest boy to start riding.

Talk with you later.



Francesca, thank you so much for your integrity in your business! It is so nice to work with honest people! Jasmine is awesome! She is working out perfect for me! We have been on vacation for two weeks with her and Trouble. A week in Flagstaff and a week in Sedona. It has been awesome! I have taken her everywhere and she has done great. Even when I rode her under a tree in Flagstaff that a black bear scampered down just above my head. She bolted and when I spun her around she ended up on her butt. I came off of her and she ran about 30 yards and just stood and waited for me to get to her! I was very impressed as I have only had her for 2 months. Thank you! Michelle (Wellton,Az)

Nice, thanks for sharing, you folks are wonderful, love what you do. ea

Hi Francesca!

Just thought I would let you know that Maria is doing great!! She is a SWEETIE!!

Hope you are doing well!


Preacher and Baby are awesome horses, we love them!

They have blended in quite well and we are thoroughly enjoying them.

Thank you!

John & Shonda

We have known Francesca and David at the Good Shepherd Rand for over 10 years. They have bought and trained our horses, they have always been there for us, willing to support and assist as best they can. Francesca has paired us up with good solid horses the match our abilities and experience time and time again. and has found good homes for those that we have out grown; you definitely become a part of their extended family, i would recomend them to anyone looking to buy a solid reliable horse.

Brandy and Ramon

You have been great people to deal with, thanks for showing and selling the right horse to me!

You are so helpful and honest.


Kelly and Family 

Hi, Francesca!!

This is VERY exciting for me to send to you!!!!!!!!! I?m sending you the video link of my latest accomplishment with my beautiful Sassy. In the video, I am riding her BAREBACK and am reining her with ONLY a ROPE HALTER and LEAD ROPE wrapped around her neck and looped through the rope halter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn?t that fantastic??? She and I have come a LONG way, and I am so proud of her that words cannot even express how I feel.

This video is about 6 ½ minutes long, which I know is probably too long. As soon as I have a few minutes, I will edit it and make it shorter. In the meantime, though, if you have time to watch it, I?d be thrilled to know what you think. Toward the end of the video, I even ask her to back up using only the rope halter/lead rope; several of my friends told me that after she backs up and we proceed forward again, Sassy ?looks? like she?s as proud as a peacock of herself. J So cute!!! I actually rein her in circles, change directions, halt, go forward, back up, stop, start, reverse direction, and we are even gaiting, not just walking! I did do a very, very slow canter on her, but my husband missed video taping that part. I?ll have to ask him to take another one. I?m just thrilled; a year ago I was barely learning to canter (again) and this year I?m cantering without a saddle and with only a rope halter/lead rope! And I do give the credit to Sassy! She?s been so patient with me; the bond we share is nothing short of an amazing miracle. J

One more thing??.we were able to have a gooseneck hitch installed in the bed of our truck, which means we are now able to use Deena?s trailer!!!! I would feel SO privileged if I could bring Sassy to see you, and if you may have some time to ride with us, I?d be forever grateful! I think you will be so happy to see how beautiful she looks (we take wonderful care of her, I promise!) and would love for you to see how happy she is and what a bond we share! Deena still insists that in her 30+ years of dealing, owning and showing horses, she?s never seen an owner share such a close, loving, trusting bond with their horse! That makes me appreciate Sassy even more, although I don?t know how that?s possible. LOL I couldn?t love that horse anymore; she means so much to me, it?s difficult to put into words.

Keep selling horses! I always tell people about you!!!! J

Hope you are doing well; just think, the cooler weather is just around the corner now.

Take good care, Francesca,

Carol (and Sassy!) J

Maria looks like another great horse. You all do such a good job. I am always impressed with the horses you give us the opportunity own. Judy Lanning

Hello GSRanchNews,

I would like to say that I really appreciate all these articles that you send out to the people on your e-mail

list. I wish that my printer worked then I could print them out and save them.Oh well, God has a reason for everything.

Thanks again!


Hi Francesca,

Just want to let you know how well Bonita is doing. We renamed her Harleigh, and she has been learning Clinton Anderson's method. She still has lots to learn. We recently took both our horses up to Payson, Harleigh was great through all the trails up there and we got many compliments from others about what a quiet, well behaved girl she is. My daughter also recently took her to the salt river and she had a blast splashing around and playing in the water. She's such a silly girl and always makes us laugh with her big personality! She and our other mare totally love each other, the second they are in a pen together they immediately start grooming on each other.

We absolutely love her and wanted to give you a quick update and let you know how glad we are that we found her!

Kristi and Deidra Dunkel

I think she's an amazing, healthy horse! I also know she and I have formed an incredible bond. It's beautiful how much she trusts me now. :)

Of course I give the majority of the credit to Sassy for having patience with me and for teaching me all that she has so far. This past week she gave me a few more lessons on galloping. LOL You know what's amazing? She's succeeding!! I let her gallop a few short distances several times on our morning rides (before it gets to triple digit temperatures!). That little horse absolutely loves to run! I actually had the opportunity to have a trainer ride her about a month ago. He shows in reining classes and cutting competitions as well as trains horses, and we met through a mutual friend. He showed me how to flex Sassy (she learned it within 5 minutes!!) both on the ground and under saddle. I'm doing fine on my riding skills, learning more every day, still have a long way to go! This gentleman, however, is an expert rider and Sassy responded beautifully. It was a treat for me to watch her, because I'm always the one riding her, which means I don't get to 'see' how she does. Anyway, Steve (the trainer) told me that I am extremely fortunate to have found her, especially for my first horse. He said she is extremely smart, and she has a very strong desire to please the rider; additionally, he told me she is a 'go-getter!' She'll walk if you ask her to, but she absolutely LOVES to move out. :)

The latest thing I've 'taught' Sassy (or she's actually taught me I suppose) is how to share an apple with me. LOL I'll take a bite, hold it for her to take a bite, and we go back and forth til the apple is gone. David's going to take a video, and I'll send that to you. Sassy (for me) is absolutely the best horse in the whole a matter of fact, Steve asked me if I'd ever consider selling her. I told him if someone offered me to trade Sassy for a horse worth fifty-thousand dollars, I'd politely smile and say, 'NO WAY' and walk away. And, Francesca, it's more than how she looks or the smooth ride she gives, etc. It's about 'her' and who she is ~ it's about her personality, her heart, her love. She's that special to me.

With that, I'll thank you once again for selling me the most precious horse I could ever hope to find!

Hope you are well, and as always, I thank you for continuing to read my ongoing updates on the life of my beautiful, intelligent, talented and affectionate mare! I will also thank you FOREVER for selling me the 'love of my life.' :)


Carol and Sassy

If I had the money I would own dozens of horses! I love them sooooo much! But I have to say, the two we purchased from you have fabulous personalities and I couldn?t be happier.


I just appreciate your encouragement and patience (especially answering ALL my questions)!. You are awesome!!!



Thank you Francesca for all your great trails, advice when providng lessons and busting my confidence. Through out the 15 years that you and I have been friends you have taught me to be honest, be tough, and never give up. Your wisdom about horses is amazing. I lost a horse named "Wilbur" in 1995 after he was in our family for over 18 years and when he died I thought I had LOST THE WORLD. After that I did what every sad person would do and that was to buy a horse after horse trying to find "Wilbur". Recently you found a match for me when you found "Willy". Him and I are inseparable. He is my best friend. You truly know horses and people. Thank you for all that you have done and do.

Brandy Gutierrez

*purchased sight unseen*

Francesca -

Had a wonderful ride on Ranger today. He is a joy to ride - so

responsive and smart. He's a real go getter and likes to be in the

front! I already love him and he is getting used to me. We are

becoming close pals. He even let me clean his eyes out this

afternoon. That's pretty trusting.


HI there Franchesca,

Just wanted to email you and say how pleased I am with everything you have done for us. You have gone above & beyond all my expectations of this horse industry. Running a trail riding facility is not easy. We have had a constant need for safe, dependable horses to put our guest on. Being in a remote location in Arizona has made it even harder to find good horses since they are scarce around here, or when we have found them they are nothing like the seller said they would be. So when I came to you & purchased one of your horses sight unseen I was REALLY nervous about it. But not only was the horse everything you said it would be but better! I was still worried about buying a second horse sight unseen because of my past dealings with other horse folks. So when I did purchase my 2nd horse sight unseen from you not only did that horse meet my expectations but he exceeded them also.

Now I am up to my 6th purchase from you which I have had now for a few months and I SUPER convinced that you guys are the best, most honest, decent folks to deal with. Every horse I have purchased from you have been the horses I trust and put all of our very green clients on! They are my go to horses that I can trust anytime and everytime. Let me tell you, I have been working with horses all of my life which has now been 60 years now and you folks know your horses! You are so wonderful to deal with in every way. You have delivered when you say and anyone can trust to get a VERY quality riding horse out of Good Shepard ranch. I am just so so so greatful to have found you.

I am able to put my clients on very trustworthy horses

(which is almost impossible to find) but because of you we now have them.

Not only are your horses everything we needed but they were in great shape and well taken care of. You guys do awesome work, provide nothing but quality animals and great customer service.

I also so VERY impressed with your rescue work. Good Shepard has really hit the mark and is an extrodinary example for every horse business out there!

With deep gratitude your friends Joe and Amy

Hi, Francesca,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. :)

February 18 was Sassy's and my one-year anniversary! Yup ~ we brought her home February 18, 2011! I think we've made a lot of progress in one year.....I know this email is going to be kind of long, so I'll apologize right away for that. If you read it a little at a time when you have time, I'd be so grateful. You are going to be SO proud of the INCREDIBLE horse you sold me!

When I'm brushing her, she now takes her head and turns to look at me resting her chin on my shoulder! I stop brushing and tilt my head to be able to just hold the side of my face against the side of hers; she'll stay cuddled like that for maybe a whole minute sometimes! Even my husband has gotten choked up a few times when he's seen that!

I know I've told you before, but I have to tell you again ~ I love that horse more than I can explain. I would not trade her for ANYTHING! Someone teasingly asked me what I would do if somebody offered me a $50,000.00 horse in exchange for Sassy. I looked them straight in the eye and said, "NO WAY." It has nothing to do with money; it has everything to do with Sassy's personality! It's her, it's who she is.......not what she's worth monetarily. It's her heart and soul; to me, she's a very, very special horse .... so hard for me to explain.

We are working on getting a trailer ~ soon! Sassy and I are really bored and need to 'get out' to do some long, challenging trail rides. One of my goals is to be able to come and see you, and maybe if you are going out riding, Sassy and I could follow along sometime? (I wouldn't want to infringe or anything like that; I'm just thinking if you're taking people out trail riding or something, we could go.) If not, I totally understand. It would mean so much to me just to be able to see you again, give you a hug and say thank you again in person, and have you see Sassy!! I promise you she's a happy girl. You are a fabulous horsewoman, and I am SO glad and SO proud to have gotten Sassy from your ranch.

Ok, I'll write again (next week) so that you have time to go through this 'novel.' LOL


Carol Chase (and Sassy!)

I love the horses you present they are so well trained, You do a great job.

I look forward to doing business,


Thank you for all your kindness and taking such wonderful care of

these horses. :-)




We Love Love Country Boy !!!!! ( were still tryin to find that perfect name for him.... he is very special to us... especially under the circumstances .... with losing Ziggy , a couple days before he arrived) ..... Its been Bitter Sweet. I wish Zig could have meet him.

Country Boy is everything & MORE ! As a Horse owner my whole life, and doing Hunter Jumpers .. I HAVE NEVER purchased a horse sight unseen...... But i knew from our converstaions, and his pictures.... that i could Trust you.....and i'm so Glad i did.... you have been wonderful. and honest.

Thanks Francesca

Linda Al Country and Zig

(Purchased sight unseen)

I rode Alice last night and she did great. She is very responsive and quick I loved it.

Thank you so much, if I could have another horse I am going to you. 

Hi Francesca,

Tom and I discussed it, and in the future down the road we would absolutely love to have all three of you come out one afternoon and join us for dinner so you can see where your boys ended up and meet Dylan in person.

We?ve done so much business with you that you feel like family now Of course I will be recommending you to everyone interested in buying a horse (give me some business cards the next time we hook up and I?ll pass them out) as we live in horse country here in Marana and I work at Roadrunner Elementary which is true redneck acres where the kids are dropped off by tractors and picked up in horse-trailers So there?s always someone out here looking for a great kids? horse and I can tell them to look up the Good Shepherd Ranch on the internet.

We definitely want to trailer the horses out to your area in the future and do some trail-riding. It would be nice to see some different countryside for a change. Didn?t you mention arranging group get-togethers for trail rides at various locations in southern AZ?

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes to new friends,

Tom and Billie

(Purchased sight unseen)

Hi Guys,

I'm in LOVE.... Country Boy is soooooo Sweeet !!!!!! He is more than perfect. Ziggy was laid back just like him, they would have made awsome Buddy's !! For now Daisy absolutely Loves him..... Even the Quarter Horse Mare that was in the corral..... likes him too !

It was so funny after you left...... he rolled ...... so i said to Al o good i think i'll give him a nice bath... it will be cool too..,.... he loved it ...... loved playin in the mist.... and he go soooo shiny black.......then i walked him for awhile but didnt get him total dry...... he rolled and rolled ..... he looked a mess !!!!!! then Daisy starting copy him.... they 2 of them were like a big ole dusty diry muddy mess......... but we laughed i called him and he came back over so i decided to redo his face ........misted it cleaned it ....... i said now dont roll ....... he looked like he laughed at me with his upper lip troted over to the middle of the yard and rolled..... we laughed so hard.... he is a character !!!! Hes got sure a cute lovable temperment .

Daisy has already showed him the laundry room door were i keep there food so it got shady on that side from the house so they been hanging out there ....... and i have the window open so its just the screen....... they can see in and there watchin us .... hed does it just like Ziggy ..... so cute.

I cant thank you guys enough......... when you were here i wanted him to join the herd 1st w Daisy....... but since you left Him and i have been bonding WE LOVE LOVE HIM.......

Please keep your eyes open for a BLACK GELDING STOCKY under 16 hands say between tall 14 hands to 15.3 hands....... Boom Proof type for a bigginer to build confidence on that anyone can ride anywere.......... Country Boy will need a buddy in 2 weeks when the girls leave.

Thank you so much Lynn Al .... The Mares (& Ziggy too) .... Country sends his LOVE please visit any time ..... we would LOVE to see yas......we will send pics as soon as i get some. for ya website.

Thank you, again, so much for all you have done for the horses. I am so appreciative. You sure came through in a pinch with my last minute need.



I just want to tell you all how great I think it is that you send things out regularly. Most horsepeople don't really utilize marketing very well. You, on the other hand do, and while I'm not in a position to buy a horse right now, when I am ready you will be the first people I think of simply because you make the effort to send out newsletters, updates, horses for adoption and other things to people like myself on a regular basis. That's not only good "horse" sense, that's good business sense.

Good for you!

Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Just wanted you to know your efforts are appreciated and don't fall on deaf ears.


Kristin Provvidenti

Hi Francesca, thanks for keeping me on your email list. I love looking at the new horses. FYI Peaches is just a doll, doing great, & I am so happy with her. She is being treated like a queen, just ordered her a new pretty blanket.

Happy New Year to you all out there.


Just wanted to let you Know Killy's is doing good we went on a few rides one 2 hr ride and one 4 1/2 hr ride with 6 other horses and he did great . Thanks he is a very kind baby .

The Craighill family

I have really made progress at riding, and I owe it to Sassy. We canter now just about every single time I ride her, and it gets easier each time. I want to thank you again for re-training her at your ranch, and for selling her to me. To me, she's the very, very best horse in the world; in fact, I think God made her just for me, and I'm so grateful!



Ginger is doing great in her new home! She is all settled in and she is feeling like a horse, or maybe a cow.

Her best trail buddy is an 8 year old black poodle named Shadow. Shadow is my dog and she is literally Ginger's shadow. They get along really well. Ginger is as spoiled as spoiled gets. She sleeps in a blanket and on a hay bed. Remember how you said she was running with cows. Well she sleeps on the ground like one too. She sleeps for hours and hours on the ground. I usually take my homework up with me to the stables and I will lay with her and do my homework. Sometimes I fall asleep up there... She just cuddles with me. I am so thankful that the people at Good Shepard Ranch made this work for me. I'm planning on making a career out of it. The last horse really left a hole in my family and I, but Ginger has been able to fill the gap, and overfill our hearts. This weekend my mom plans on getting on Ginger for the first time. This will be the first time my mom gets on a horse since her bad accident almost 6 years ago she had with my first horse, Pepperjack. If this works out, my mom might end up buying another horse. A real old, calm, big lug of a horse. Thank you so much again, and I will be sending more pictures of Ginger and I. 

My husband and I have been looking at your website for months and are so impressed with the quality and philosophy of everything you do! We are interested in taking some horseback riding lessons and then would like to purchase two horses.



I want to really commend you on your wonderful attitude. You and I seem to be the only rescues that actually call people back and have a good attitude. I have run into so many sour and rude people in this work, that it's not even funny. I called other rescue places, and emailed and no one ever got back. You were so bright and cheary and even thanked me, when it's you that deserves the thanks for opening your place to these rescues. I am so proud and happy for the work I've had the privilege to do over the years, and I'm very sad to put it on hold while we make this move, but I have to put my parents' needs first. So again, thank you, and yes, please please do keep in touch.

Warm wishes and hugs,


Hi, Francesca!!!!

I have some wonderful updates for you on Sassy!!! I am THRILLED beyond belief!!!!!

Our granddaughter turned 1 on November 11. My birthday is on November 4, so for my birthday gift, the kids brought Shelby (granddaughter's name) to the ranch to spend the day with us there. They knew I was spending my birthday with my Sassy, and so they surprised me by coming to the ranch! We introduced Shelby and Sassy, and Shelby absolutely LOVES Sassy! I sat Shelby on Sassy's back and what happened was ADORABLE! My granddaughter takes after her grandma ~ LOL ~ she's going to be a horse lover! We took video, and if you have a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at them. It's incredibly precious and amazing! Sassy loves to move; I always tease her and ask her how much 'horse power' she has under the hood. LOL Well, the minute we put Shelby up in the saddle with me, Sassy completely stood still! She didn't move a muscle, Francesca! This horse is just incredible! It's as though Sassy knew there was a baby on her back. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful horse!

Another update.....Sassy now gives me kisses! I taught her the word 'kiss!' She puts out her little tongue and will kiss my hand. One day I was grooming her mane, and she turned her head into my chest and held it there. I kissed her forehead and reached over to untie the lead rope. When I did so, Sassy actually kissed my cheek!!! Just one lick on the side of my face, but still, she kissed me!

The other thing I've taught Sassy recently is the word BACK, but not just your typical back up. I can stand in front of her, snap my fingers and say 'back,' and she will absolutely back up with no lead rope or halter on. :) Are you sitting down? Two days ago I was working with her, and Deena and David were amazed; I actually asked Sassy to back up one-half the length of the pasture; ie. about 60 feet!!!!! Of course I gave her a biscuit after that as well as a hug. I've learned horses don't typically like to back up, and so my interpretation of the fact that Sassy will do that for me is she has trust in my treatment of her. To other horse owners, that may not be a big deal, so I hope I don't sound 'silly.' To me it is a big deal, partly because she's my first horse, but mostly because of the relationship that has developed between Sassy and myself.

she is calm, calm, calm around Shelby. Of course I'm amazed by my granddaughter ~ LOL ~ but I am also mesmerized by Sassy. She is one beautiful, intelligent, spicy yet gentle horse; I will always be SO grateful to you for selling her to me!!!!!!!!

God bless you, Francesca!!!!




Hi everyone,

Sorry it has taken so long to say hello and let you know how Twiggy is doing. She has acclimated very well to her new home and the other horses. She is a great trail mare and I am having a great time riding her now that the weather has cooled off a little. We will be doing some camping up near Mesa and the Salt River with her and the other two next month. Here is a picture from our ride last weekend.

Have a great day,

Diane and Bill Mossbarger




I just wanted to thank you. You have no idea what you have done for me by making this happen for me. You stayed in my budget, and gave me my best friend. She is the most incredible thing. She has done so much for me, and GG really keeps my mind where it needs to be. Everything disappears when I am riding her. Thank you so much again and here are some pictures. I'll send professional ones in the mail soon! I am hoping to get to ASU, get my Ph.D. and I will be opening a ranch for teenage girls to get emotional horse therapy in Ramona, CA. So be expecting me to buy some horses from you in the next 5 years:) I know what I want now and I couldn't have done this without all of your help.

Sent From Katie in Yuma, Az.

Hi, Francesca,

Hope things are well. We've survived the sweltering summer and are looking forward to cooler riding weather now!!!

Sassy is doing absolutely fantastic!!!! I have some pictures to send you, and I've uploaded a video that David took yesterday. It's of me riding Sassy ~ BAREBACK!!! I haven't ridden bareback in about 28 years, and Sassy and I are such a team now, that I decided to try it. She is a DREAM!! The video is 5 minutes and 21 seconds long.....but if you have time to watch it, I think you'll be SO proud of the horse you sold me!!! At one part, my hat gets caught in the branch of a tree and as Sassy is moving forward, the branch starts to pull me backward and off to the side of her ~ looking like I'm going to fall off. All I did was drop the reins and held onto her mane......that beautiful, sweet mare took it upon herself to STOP enough for me to pull myself back up and continue on ~ as though nothing happened!! Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think there are that many horses out there that are THAT smart and that perceptive and that protective of their owner!!! David, Deena and Don were all out there with me, and they all said the same thing ~ it appears that Sassy was trying to help prevent me from falling off her!!!!!!! I think she loves me now as much as I love her. When I walk into the pasture and call her, Francesca, she comes right over to me ~ even if she's all the way across the field!!!!! She even walks with me to the gate with NO halter and NO lead rope on! Furthermore, she walks with me right up onto the concrete area AND she turns all the way around to face the gate so I can put her in the cross ties to groom and/or saddle her!!!

I can take her into the pasture and get her to lunge ~ well, actually I use a crop and I circle it just enough to get her going on her own ~ she'll canter and then gallop all the way around the pasture as long as I encourage her to do so. In fact, she digs her heels in and gallops faster when she hears me laughing and telling her, 'you go, baby girl, go, Sassy!!!!!' It's like she loves hearing the positive affirmations! When I think she's run enough, I'll say, "Ok, Sassy, look!!"

Francesca, Sassy actually stops, turns and looks right at me; I toss the crop onto the ground, put my arms up in the air and say, "All done, Sass.....come on in." She trots right up to me ~ I stand completely still and she trots toward me always, always, always stopping short enough. In other words, she stops far enough away so as there's no danger of her stepping on me. :)

I motion for her to come into my chest.....she'll walk with her head lowered and puts her head into my chest as I put my arms around her and hug her!

Deena has shown horses for over 30 years, and she says she's never seen a horse have such a bond with their owner! She's never seen a horse go and hug their owner like Sassy hugs me! The next time I run her like that, I'm going to have David video tape so you can see what I mean. This horse is one in a million; I have no idea how I got so blessed to own her!

I know we had a rough time in the beginning, but I think it was a combination of me being a new horse owner, and I think she had maybe never bonded with an owner before. It's almost like she was going to reject me before I could reject her. Now that I have learned how to be the 'alpha,' she respects me, trusts me, and I believe she even loves me now. Our relationship is incredible!

She stands completely still for her saddle to be put on, for her bridle/bit to be put on, stands still for grooming, bathing, goes into the trailer like a pro, walks over tarps and cavalettis with no problem at all! She is absolutely amazing! Wait 'til you see the video!!!! I'm on her bareback, and have her going in and around the cones we have set up in the pasture!! She's not only taught me how to ride again, she's now taught me how to ride bareback again!!!! The first couple minutes I have her a little bit too collected; I think I was just hanging on. LOL After a couple minutes, though, you can see the reins are looser and I'm more relaxed, almost steering her with my legs more than the reins. She's amazing!

We're starting classes again in a couple weeks, and a friend of Deena's (who still shows horses) invited me to enter Sassy in a fun horse show!!! I would enter her for the 3 gaited section; walk, running walk and canter. I'd also enter her in the halter class; in fact, we've already been practicing that. Deena believes 100% that Sassy would take a blue ribbon. Personally, I don't care if we win anything or not. The fact that she and I have bonded and are such a team is enough for me. I'm just going to enjoy having fun with her and showing her off to other people. Sassy is extremely talented!

Here's the video link:

I'll send some updated pictures today also.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this update, watch the video (when you can) and mostly, for selling me such a BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, AWESOME horse!!! I can't tell you how much I love her!!!!!!!

Take care, Francesca! :)

i dont know if you got our e mail about little tuck (poco) he is the greatest trail horse ever but marsha has been taking him to barrel racing and pole bending events he is doing well for them just starting winning a few blue ribbons a little money and won a belt buckle in pole bending. he has exceeding our hope for a good horse. we truly enjoy and marshas having a blast barrel racing. thanks so much. the tuckersa​


I thought you might like the latest picture of Josie & me. 2 Josie is AWESOME!!! We just love her (Kim too). She does great out on the trail & along the roadside by her self. Just needs lots of wet saddle blanket (which she will get plenty of). Thanks again for letting me buy her. She is great.


Hi Francesca,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for selling me Sugar. Her new name is Josie. It fits her & it is a play on her sire's name of Jose. LOL We all made the HOT trip home just fine. She is a very nice, sweet mare. I think she is just what I have I been looking for - for a long time.

Thanks again.


Hi, Francesca,

Hope things are going well. :)

Here's an updated picture of my BEAUTIFUL Sassy!!!!!!!!!! Her tail reaches her hocks now, and her mane has grown out so much ~ it's gorgeous!!!! She and I have gotten so close, I can walk into any one of the 3 pastures we use, call her name, and she walks right over to me ~ even if she's all the way across the pasture! She is an EXPERT on the trails ~ she leads most of the time. :) If I'm with someone who is trying to get their horse to learn to lead, Sassy has no problem following. I've seen MANY people on the trails, and Sassy is the best at being safe, reliable and calm! She is amazing! That beautiful mare will stand still even when one of the other horses in our group spooks at something?!

I love this picture of her; it was taken last Sunday on one of the trails we ride. Isn't she absolutely sensational????

I love her SOOOOOO much ~ my beautiful girl!!!

Thanks, Francesca!!!!!!!!! (*.*)

Sassy and Carol (me) Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Horse from Good Shepherd Ranch

After 19 years away from horses, I am now back into riding and the proud owner of a BEAUTIFUL mare. I bought her from Francesca @ Good Shepherd, and I could NOT be happier! My horse has taught ME how to ride again, and has increased my confidence tenfold! She is WONDERFUL. Francesca truly cares not only about the horses, she honestly cares about her clients. That little gal has answered every email I've sent her ~ I've asked her for suggestions, advice and guidance ~ and bless her heart, if she can't respond right away, she sends me a quick note to say she'll follow-up later! Folks, it gets NO BETTER than that! She is reputable, she is dependable, she is honest, she is genuine, she is dedicated. If you're looking for a new 'best friend' to ride on trails or in the arena, go to Good Shepherd Ranch. Thank you, and God bless you, Francesca! (*>*)

May 18, 2011 by Carol Chase in Tempe, AZ

up date on Ben

Up date on Ben... Better than ever! Love that little guy. He is exactly what I dreamed of. And Francesca..YOU ARE THE BEST. So honest & truthful. I would advise anyone looking for a horse of any calliber or level to only buy from YOU!!. As for Bruce & me...YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE HORSE GIRL!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH AGAIN, MARLA BEMIS

May 17, 2011 by MARLA in Tucson, AZ

Oh my gosh, sassy has a beautiful canter! I'm so excited I've gotten to the point where I feel confident to do that with her!!)

Yesterday on our trail ride, my husband's horse tripped and fell to his knees, and my husband flew off the horse's back. Meanwhile, 7 dogs were barking, snarling and jumping at the fence between the trail and them. I told Sassy 'whoa' and to 'stand.' She stood perfectly still while I dealt with my husband's horse, my husband and the dogs! Sassy did not spook, she did not get nervous, she stood perfectly still! This was after we had gone by a fenced yard that contained 2 Emu birds (which horses don't like and can sense from far away!) To me this all means that Sassy will keep me safe because she does not spook and get crazy. Is that how you would interpret her behavior as well?

Her favorite thing to do is NOT ride in the arena....but I think I've figured out that she gets bored! Taking her on the trails, she is much, much happier.

I feel like I'm finally really getting to 'know' her, and she actually has an affectionate, playful side to her personality! She'll put her nose up to my nose (gently) for a kiss! Honest! She and I have come a long, long way ~ she is a SMART horse!

Each morning I lunge her, well, I swing the lead rope or crop and she gaits and/or canters in a circle around the pasture. We do this for about 8 - 10 minutes. Then I drop the crop, hold my arms above my head and say, "Sassy, all done." She stops, she looks right at me, sees the crop on the ground and my arms in the air and she walks RIGHT TO ME! :) I hug her,. put on her halter and take her to the stall. (I put her in during the hot days and turn her out at night.) Then we ride just about every evening for about 30-45 minutes depending on the heat.

Rode past your place the other day..then drove over. Just want to tell ya I JUST LOVE BEN. ALTHOUGH THE OTHER HORSES HATE HIM! hE IS A SWEET HEART. yOU ARE DEFINATELY A VERY HONEST & TRUE PERSON, yOU knew what kind of horse I wanted..the kind of horse I needed, & there was Ben to fill the bill. Thank you sooo much Francesca. If you ever need anyone to vouch for you integrity & honesty..Give them my name. Oh..I love seeing my Lil Guys pic on your sight.!!! So cute!! Thanks again..Marla


we took poco (now little tuck) up to a gymkana this weekend and our 7 yr old nephew rode him all around the horses seemed like he belonged there. marsha took him for a short ride after had a blast. thanks so much


I just want to say that I am very GREATFUL for everything you have done for me and the well being of my horses.

Again THANK YOU, I don't think you know how much I really mean that. Everything you do with your horses definitely shows!


~*Best place to go for all your equine needs*~

I have been going to good shepherd for all my equine needs for quite some time now. They are always happy to help me in any and every way they can. I have purchased many fine horses from them and they are always 100% honest. I never have any surprises and I put 110% of my trust in the folks at good shepherd ranch. Whatever you need, whether it be a good horse, lessons, advice or just want to go for an excellent trail ride, they are thee only place to go!

April 14, 2011 by Jess in Tucson, AZ


here is our "Mr. Freckles" aka Padre. he is doing very well. My kids love him and he fits great into our herd! he welcomes me everytime a walk outside with a deep course "huhuh", its so cute. Thank you for finding such a wonderful horse to fit into our family. Just as I had started to give up on the look for a Pokadot horse too! Thank you for helping to make my little girls dream of a pokadot horse come true. He truely is heaven sent. Funny i have to laugh he is shedding his winter coat and there are several big white patches of hair in the pasture....haha I attached a picture of him with my two girls riding him hope it turns out ok :)

thanks again

stephanie whitfield

Hi Francesca,

Thought I would update you about the "Don". My equine vet checked him today.

The vet was impressed with his feet - they are indeed remarkable (and even after a couple of days of 1 - 2 hour trail rides over 20 mins of rocks near Dorothy's) until we got to the park. My vet said that if possible we should keep him barefoot, and his hooves would adapt to his trail "walking" environment and just get more durable, and that shoes might just compromise his good hooves. So the biotin will help supplement his hoof health and also enhance his nice palomino coat condition.

Don Quixote was great on the 2 trail rides for me with Dorothy and a couple of other riders the past several days. Dorothy said that when we were riding, that it looked like he was "taking care of me." I so enjoyed riding him and in addition to liking him a lot, I feel a great respect for him. He gets along with Max just fine. Gets along with the other geldings also. The vet and her assistant said that I had a "winner" and he was a "keeper." He is a really cool horse for sure. I still think that he has some of the breed "Galiceno" in him and I have been in touch with UC Davis in California to get some DNA tested to check that out. He has unique qualities that go beyond "quarter horse" heritage.

We have a 3 - 4 hour trail ride planned for Monday so I am looking forward to that. I added some Timothy to his Bermuda hay tonight with his evening feeding which he thought was just fine.

Hope things continue to go well for you and that you find more "Don Quixotes". Judy


Just wanted to give you an update.

Padre is doing great!

his new name is Freckles, i liked Buzz lightyear but he is Navies horse so i let her name him.

He is getting along great with the rest of my herd and now has marked his roll areas with white patches of hair all over my pasture haha!.

I will get some pictures soon and send them your way.

Thank you again for such a wonderful boy!



Here is a picture of us at J-6 this morning. Strawberry did awesome for Natalie. Brianna ran her best time in the barrels today, 23.6. Thanks for everything. The Roylstons.







Hi, Francesca!

Hope things are going well; it's already starting to get too hot in Arizona! LOL

I have some awesome pictures I want to send you!!! We've changed Donia's name to "Sassy" ~ it really fits her personality! She is SO settled in, and she is so full of energy and is so playful! I've started taking her to a trail riding safety class on Friday nights, and I have to tell you that she is the STAR of the class!!!! (all her ~ I can take no credit! My riding abilities are coming back, and I am riding again with ease like I used to....but.....she is EXTREMELY well-behaved and extremely well-trained. Every person in the class (there are 15 other students) has told me how lucky I am because she is so responsive. I cannot thank you enough for our beautiful sweet horse!!!

Thanks so much!!!! I'll send pictures in the next email :)


Carol Chase

Hi Francesca,

I hope that this is the right email address to send pictures too. I wrote a review for the merchants site. I really enjoyed riding out with you and Rudy today - you both help me feel more confident, and I appreciate your encouragement and observations of my riding. I know this will transfer to my work with my Tennessee Walker.

It was very fun to go on the trail ride and have such a great horse be so responsive. I look forward to many many interactions and rides with Don Quixote in my life. He is a great horse, and if he looks relaxed around me, I feel relaxed around I guess we are a good match.

Thanks for your help and support. It is obvious that you are committed to your clients being safe and knowledgeable with their horses!


great horse/great trail riding

I recently purchased a sweet palomino quarter horse at

Good Shepherd Ranch and have enjoyed my lessons there and practicing riding him. Their trail rides are awsome - beautiful sandy washes, lots of variety in desert flora, and great views of the mountains. Soft sand in the washes enhances the ride with nicely "cushioned" trotting and loping opportunities. I plan to take my family there for future rides aslo!

March 16, 2011 by Judy Landkamer in Tucson, AZ  

Thank you so much for the pictures of Tumbleweed, she looked right at ease in the water.

Anytime you need a reference, dont hesitate to contact us.

We stopped by the girls late this afternoon, they seem at ease and enjoying their surroundings, they were busy watching some cows and calves off in the distance - Tumbleweed is a very alert horse and doesnt seem to miss much.

We alsowant to thank you and your crew so much for all you did, it made buying our new horses a fun experience.

Roger & Nancy


We have been doing business with Francesca at the Good Shepherd Ranch for 2 years. Our horse journey began when we took in a neglected, "green" 5 year old gelding. He had many behavioral issues and we needed help. Thats when we called Francesca. She came out to our home and taught us how to care for and train a horse. Anytime we had a question---we could always call her---and she would have the answer.

The next step in our journey, would be riding lessons at her ranch. We learned safety, hoof care, the right way to tack a horse, bareback riding, arena work, trail riding and so much more. All of this fun led us to our dream horse Viggo and a best friend for our horse at home. We first saw Viggo on Good Shepherd Ranch web-site. The next day we were dropping off hay for a rescue Francesca took in, and there was Viggo. We spent quality time with him and rode him. We knew instantly he was the horse for us and took him home that week. We couldn't be happier.

March 05, 2011 by Frederic and Suzanne in Tucson, AZ

Good Shepherd Ranch

Great place to do business

March 05, 2011 by Suzanne in Tucson, AZ

My thoughts about Good shepard ranch

Francisca is great.She has helped me and my family learn so much about horses.I thought I knew a lot already but she has taught us so much more.I bought a horse when first moving here from a private seller, had a lot of problems but I understand the buyer beware rule.Francisca helped me with that horse, then sold the right horse to me for my children.That horse has been a great fit.I highly recommend Francisca to anyone looking for that "RIGHT FIT" in a horse! If it is too late she can help fit you with your horse.They are just good, honest, polite people!The program they run there and the horses they sell are so beautiful and great quality for the price.I have seen Francisca and her staff work long hard hours and they always put the horses before themselves.They are no nonsense trainers,I can't say enough good about them!They put so much time and effort into every horse before it can be available for sale. I think they rock the horse world and are a credit to the equine industry!

February 25, 2011 by Cheri in Tucson, AZ

Bought sight unseen

Hi guys. Wow, I can't beleve I purchased a horse sight unseen. I was a nervous wreck that week I waited for her to get here. Everyone told me not to get the horse, especially without seeing her in person first. I new for sure I made a huge mistake that I would regret. I have to say that not only is she a beautiful mare, she is an awesome mare. Everyone rides her including my 5 year old son. I laugh at all my friends who doubted my decision & doubted you. Now my friends are going to you for horses & they owe me big for the great horses the now have. HA. Now they are actually able to ride the horses they have. Goodbye to the crazy rodeos they used have. Now we are all happy, go on big group rides every sunday & as much as I would like to take credit for it all we owe it all to the Good shepher ranch, thanks!

You wont find anyone else worth buying horses from. Good shepherd is worthy of your trust. They are professional & extremley kind. You will not be dissapointed, They are wonderful!

February 22, 2011 by Adams Family


Wow, I am beyond words with the good shapard ranch. They are such great folks & do great things with horses & do only great things for their clients also. I have been a long time customer of theirs for many years now! I have purchased 3 horses from them & I have referred MANY friends to them. Every friend that has purchased from them has been nothing but pleased with their honesty & quality of horse they have purchased. I have never seen so many quality horses sold to so many folks. I am so amazed also with the rescue work they do. They give so many horses out there a 2nd chance to live & have a new life! If it were not for the good shapard every horse they sell might not have the quality of life they now have but thanks to them those horses won't have to be in limbo anymore. I don't know what me & my friends would have done if it were not for the honesty & compassion they have at the good shapard ranch. Good shapard is highly respected in the horse community & VERY LOVED/APPRECIATED!

February 20, 2011 by JAN in Florence, AZ


Hello Francesca,

It's been a while since my last letter to you, so I wanted to write and let you know that "Lucky Boy" formerly Bugs is doing great! He is enjoying his home with us and our rides every other day around our 6 acres. He has made it through a rough winter without a blanket in fine condition. He is very personable and likes to join us in our inner property when we allow him over, but he tends to drink all of the Bird Bath water even though we set out several buckets of water for him. We think he is a very special boy. We have an automatic Watering system in his stall/corral so he is always able to get as much water as he needs. He likes to run and has made several soft dirt areas where he likes to lay down during the day and evening. We can watch him enjoying his corral from our kitchen window.

We took him to get his teeth floated 2/16. He now has good, healthy teeth. I always learn so much from other horse owners and that appointment was no different. Lots of good advise and valuable practices are exchanged.

I am enjoying my boy so much thanks to you. Lucky has been the perfect addition to our family.

Take care of yourself,

Peggy Paul 

Best Decision Ever. Perfect 1st horse for a cautious/nervous/excited 1st owner.

Well, I broke the 1st rule to 1st horse ownership, considering I purchased my horse Lily sight unseen from Francesca. As a newbie I really wanted to make sure that the horse I was getting was going to suit my riding style/ability and Lily did just that! Here in CA, there were many 'beginner' horses available but when I went to see them they were nothing like what was advertised! When I told 'horse people' that I had purchased a mare unseen they all gave me very skeptical eyes. Now Lily is the talk of the barn, she is SO calm and very forgiving of my mistakes that everyone is quite impressed (and maybe a bit jealous). I also appreciate the fact that Francesca still helps me with all my questions even though we are 400 miles apart. For what it is worth, I would do this all over again and I recommend this ranch to people everywhere. Genuine HONESTY and QUALITY are things Francesca offers with all her horses. Lily has a great home, now if I can convince her she is a horse and not a puppy!

January 23, 2011 by Megan in Spring Valley, CA

Lily is the talk of the ranch, everyone is very impressed with her calmness and gentle manner! They all say I am very lucky to get such a good horse, sight unseen. If anyone is looking for a horse around here I will definitely recommend you!

Quality & Caring Found Here

I am a horse trainer from the east coast and spent some time in AZ where I found these Ladies from a news paper article. I went out to their ranch and in a short time got to know them. I have very high standards when it comes to the care and emotional state of horses, so when I was there for a few times I knew I found myself an outstanding facility. These Ladies are great caring and accommodating to clients. There is no way that you will not be satisfied with your ride out in the great wild west.

Thanks Ladies.

Sabrina Arnold

January 02, 2011 by Sabrina Arnold in Port Townsend, WA


I REALLY love Rowdy (Howdy)! Even my husband has fallen for him and my daughter is enjoying coming out and riding. I really hope my neighbor Peggy will get a horse from you just like him.

Finding the perfect horse

I spent a lot of time trying to find the right horse for me. That meant a lot of things including gentle, sound, smaller and most importantly one that I felt a connection to. It took a while and the good shepherd was very helpful, patient and always there to allow me to come out and try several different horses. When I met Rowdy (Howdy) I knew right away that he was the one for me. I finally made the decision and now I am so happy with him and am enjoying every bit of time out at the barn riding and taking care of him. Thank you - Francesca and Julie.

October 14, 2010 by Libby in Vail, AZ

Thank You Good Shepherd Ranch!!!!!

I bought my first horse from Good Shepherd Ranch last year. He is such an incredible horse, we returned to Good Shepherd to add another to the family and ended up with two more! They are everything Francesca promised they would be. I would recommend them to anyone.

 Sparky, Teddy, Ashley and I went out for an amazing trail ride today. He is a great horse!!! I rode him with the hackamore like you recommended and he was great. He is gaining weight and is already spoiled : ) He gets along great with teddy too. My son is in absolute love with Apache too. I really can't thank you enough.

I wanted to bring my son out to you guys to do a trail ride. I thought it might be a good way to get him interested in riding. He has been afraid to try. Can you guys give me some choices of when you had time to schedule us? Thanks, Heather 

I really want to tell you THANK YOU for everything you guys did ( I have told many people about my experience with you and anyone whoever needs a horse or help with the horse they have should go to you!)! Chapo was one of the 2 horses you had picked out and had said that would be the best for me. As you know I had a bad experience when I bought a horse from a private owner and every question I asked you had a honest answer for me. From the very first day I got him home he has been my best friend and my partner in crime! I know every time we go out for a ride he will take care of me. He is young BUT he has never given me any reason to doubt my choice on buying him! Chapo has been wonderful with my kids ( they just think he's the best thing! They love riding him!) !!!! My oldest son will be starting 4H with him very soon. I can't wait till you can see him again! Looking forward to you guys letting me know when you will be holding trail rides! See you soon, Courtney


I found that they were very honest when it came to finding the right horse for the right person! I would recommend them to anyone!

October 09, 2010 by Courtney Peters in Maricopa, AZ

Hey guys! We are having a great first week with the new additions. I can't believe how much more work it is and I can't imagine how you take care of all of the horses you have. I thought you might like to have some some pictures of your very happy clients with their horses. Hope to see you all again soon, Heather

Purchased the Worlds best pony from you ! just as you said

We purchased a pony for our granddaughters from you "sight unseen" based on your ad in Dream horse and the video you had posted. WE could not be happier with this sweet little girl. She was everything you represented her to be and more. It is such a breath of fresh air to deal with honest people in the world today. This pony is sound, sane and just perfect for our purpose. I woud encourage anyone who want to buy from you to trust your assesment of your horses completely. Thank You! I would not hesitate to purchase a horse from Good Shepard in the future. You even delivered her to our ranch!!

September 30, 2010 by Pam Rawlings in Pearce, AZ


Thanks Good Shephard for selling me a fantastic horse.

I understand that there is never such a thing as the perfect horse but I just about have one now thanks to you all there!

I see how hard you folks work & it shows. Your efforts show in everything you guys touch. You are amazing hard working very polite people. I did my checking on you before I purchased & The horse community is so brutal, crap talking, soap opera like but despite the awful community I can see You have a lot of people who respect you & great reputaion out in the horse community. Now you have another client who loves you & will spread the word about the Good shepard ranch. I wasn't sure about buying a horse sight unseen but all went well & franchesca did great at sending me the right horse for me.

Everyone on the horse world pretty much sucks but I have found a light (franchesca/good shepard) in the soap opera known as (as the hoof turns). You are great fran & I love that you won't talk bad about anyone!


September 25, 2010 by Olivia in Concho, AZ

Great experience at Good Shepard Ranch

I was very new to horses and had a six month old filly that was giving me problems. I was referred to Good Shepard through the feed store and had a great experience. Francine thought me how to deal with the problems I was having and thought me not to be affraid. I really enjoyed the training sessions and am very happy with the experience. I highly recommend Good Shepard Ranch and will use them in the future for anything to do with hourses.

September 12, 2010 by Ann in Tucson, Az 


Jr, (aka Jake) is doing very well in his new home. I rode him the day he arrived and he did great. He is a really sweet horse and Suzy is absolutely in love with him, she follows him everywhere. It is nice having a horse out back that has a mellow personality to match hers.

Thank you for a great morning. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that my biggest childhood dream is on the not-too-distant horizon.

You guys are great.

Sue T.

Good Shepherd Ranch

I would like to spread the work about the Good Shepherd Ranch. These are caring people who rescue horses to rehibilitate and place into loving homes, which is how I came to know them. I recently adopted one of their recent rescued horses, and was given expert riding lessons to assure that I, as well as my new horse would start out with complete comfort and safety to begin learning about each other on our Ranch. The trainers were very professional as well as warm and friendly. They left me feeling that I have good friends I can turn to if I have any questions about how to care for my horse in the future. I am truly thankful to have found their web site and finally found the right horse for me to enjoy and care for. I recommend the Good Shepherd Ranch as a wonderful training center and a place you may want to check out for your next or new horse. They always have horses needing loving homes.

July 29, 2010 by Peggy J. Paul in Saint David, AZ 



I just wanted to write you and update you on Prince Charming (Flash). He is truly a wonderful horse exactly what you said he would be. The past year has been very frustrating trying to find the right horse and after a few attempts I had given up hope and even considered not have a horse in my life. Then I found Good Shepard Ranch and after explaining to you that I had lost my confidence you made me feel as if there was hope. Thank you for taking the time to make sure I was comfortable with Flash and that we were a good match. Julie thank you for the trial ride, it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the ride for the first time in over a year. My husband says it's so nice to have his happy wife back! Thank you again for Flash aka Prince Charming I named him that because I had to kiss a few frogs before I found my prince. Thank you!!!!

PS We traveled all the way from Vegas, but he's worth it.

July 23, 2010 by Tancy in Henderson, NV

You won't find better!!!!!

Hey everyone just gotta say that I have purchased 2 horses from the good sheppard ranch now. To purchase horses what ever your looking for they are the place to go!

Honest good people they are!

Good quality horses & they do good everywhere. I love the fact that they rescue & train their animals. Can't say enough good about them.

July 20, 2010 by Julia in Sells, AZ

Hi Francesca,

Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE (Red)Fred. He is a wonderful horse & you should see how gorgeous he looks! I am taking super good care of him-give him rice bran which puts a really pretty glossy sheen on his coat. He shed out all the shaggy stuff, I've clipped/groomed him, bathe him in special bay horse shampoo, & he's a very handsome boy. I will send you a picture soon as you have to see how great he looks. I'm happy with him in every way. I took him to the vet for shots, teeth float, sheath cleaning etc. Vet agrees w/your age assessment & says he probably hasn't had much if any dental care. He's living the good life and thank you for sending him my way. Hope all is well with you and your arm is healed by now. Will send a pic, take care,


Very happy

We purcahsed a gelding for a client of mine from GSR and couldn't be happier. He has been rock solid and is a perfect match for a novice rider. Not only does he take her safely down the trail but he also placed in the blue ribbons at the Pima County Fair this year! Not bad for an old ranch horse :) He has no holes in his training and is a pleasure to be around. Francesca was very nice and I would reccomend her to anyone who is in need of a "good, solid, horse."


I just wanted to let you know that Cally showed Joey at the Fair this year and he did AWESOME! Nothing bothered him AT ALL! He placed 5th in showmanship, 4th in horsemanship, and 3rd in western pleasure! He only got a white ribbon in trail but he surprisingly refused the bridge, we will just have to work on it next year lol. She did gymkhana on him as well and although she didn't have very fast times he picked up the correct leads, and ran pretty patterns. She got two white ribbons and a red that day. She was ecstatic and he was just a gem :) She loves him so much and he takes such good care of her. He is shedding out to be a beautiful red dun and his mane has grown out nicely. Just thought I would let you know that he was SUCH a good boy. I will definitely send buyers your way who are looking for a good, safe horse.


April 30th 2010

You really have great horses & do great things with them. Not everyone can handle a horse even after it is trained they spoil them but I like your training methods & your horses are beautiful & gentle

Anonymous, April 25, 2010


I purchased a horse a few days ago from the good shepard ranch & I worried I paid a little too much but when I took that mare home & starting working her & roping off of her I was excited but I had no idea what was in store for us! I took this mare to her 1st jack pot roping a few days after buying her & WON a pretty good jack pot just a little over $2500!!!! I have never purchased a horse of this caliber for what I now know was a VERY fair amount of money on a well bred, gentle quiet roping son of a gun! I am just so greatful for good shepard being honest about this mare but really didn't give her enough credit! I have been roping for many years & never purchased a horse that works for me the way this mare has without a few years training! This mare & I are gonna do great I think & I am very greatful for good shepard giving a deal on her or I would have never been able to take her home & win the jack pot. I can't wait to breed this mare to their stallion & win on her some more!

April 25, 2010 by Joe in Tucson, AZ

God Bless you for your rescue work you do there!

Henry, March 22, 2010

Awesome Place to be!

GSR is such a great friendly place to go . My husband & I just love Francyne & Dave, they are just good people. Their ranch is beautiful & clean. They always have great quality horses & are always honest. We purchased some great horses from GSR, they are great horses & have never done us wrong. We trust & highly recommend the GSR. Anytime we have had questions they have been there for us & tolerate us no matter how annoying we have been! You won't go wrong by purchasing a horse from the GSR. They are great with horses & put their for sale horses through certian test's they need to pass before they are ready for sale, so you know you are getting a great horse. We have known GSR for 8 years now & we are always impressed with them & how they conduct their busness. You can be sure that if you are buying a horse from them or sending one of your horses to them for training they will do a great job! Runnig a business is not easy we run 3 & people can be ridiculous but GSR handles all well!

March 22, 2010 by LIZ in Phoenix, AZ

We love the Good Shepherd Ranch!!!!!

We can not say enough great things about Francesca & her hubby @ the Good Shepherd Ranch.

We first went on trail ride, which was wonderful!

Then when we were ready to buy our first horse, she really spent time with us making sure he was the right one. She really listened to out needs too. I took lessons from her and she was so patient and gentle with me, what a great teacher.

When we were ready for horse # 2 we knew just who to call. So she found us two great wonderful horses! They were everything thing she said they would be, an extremely honest lady. She is such a delight to do business with. We have also purchased saddles and tack from her. We loved everything we bought! We also used her to delivery our first horse, and she helped us load our second horse.

Her stables were clean and all the horses were well cared for.

We would defiantly do business with her again and we recommend her to anyone looking to buy a horse, trail ride, purchase tack, or lessons, etc...

March 20, 2010 by Roylston's

Merchant Response: "Howdy Tom & Christina, Thanks so much for the great review! You are such good folks & have such nice girls. Thanks again & please let us know if you need anything else in the future. " - March 22, 2010

Gentle Trainer

Francine and our Ranch have been doing business for about 6 years now. We have had many horses trained by her and have been very pleased. She has a very gentle hand and way with horses and we have never seen her lose her temper at a difficult horse. We have had a colt and a filly from her stallion Patriot and they are just beautiful with gentle spirits. I bought one of Francines' personal horses and just love her to death. I would and do recommend Francine to everyone for training and breeding. We also buy and sell horses from each other. Try Francine out and I am sure you will be pleased with her!!!!!

March 18, 2010 by Horseshoe-K in Tucson, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks so much Sue for the great review! You have been great customers & friends through the years, I hope to continue our working relationship for many more years to come. We are here for you & JP anytime you need us! Thanks again! " - March 22, 2010

Great buisness!

I would do buisness with Francesca any day! Great people with good knowledge. Willing to help you if you need it. Thank you so much!

March 04, 2010 by Anonymous in Huachuca City, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks for your good words." - March 04, 2010

Hi Franchesca,

This is Amy Mayfield, a client of mine purchased Joey from you a few months ago. I wanted to let you know that he has just been WONDERFUL. I couldn't have asked for a better match for her daughter. She is totally confident on him and he is always rock solid for her on the trails or the arena. He is shedding out his coat beautifully and he is just coming along wonderfully. We are getting him ready for Fair this April and I expect them to do very well together :) Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you being honest about him and selling quality horses. Good old horses like him are hard to come by and are worth their weight in gold.

Thanks again,~Amy

March 2, 2010

Always the Highlight!

We have used Good Shepherd Ranch on many occasions at our church. The covered wagon rides are always the hit with all of our families. The Christmas Carol hayride was awesome! I would highly recommend Good Shepherd Ranch for any and all events. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

February 26, 2010 by Desert Son Community Church in Tucson, AZ

Merchant Response: "The Christmas carol hayride was a blast for us also! It was so much fun having a full wagon singing together. Thanks so much Tim, anytime you need us please let us know! " - February 27, 2010 


Thanks for all the things you do!

February 24, 2010 by DIANE in Benson, AZ


I am writing to recommend Francesca & Good Shepherd Ranch. I purchased a wonderful horse from her a year ago. We were looking for a safe, sound, well-broke trail horse that could accomodate both beginners & experienced riders. This horse is exactly what we needed. He is kind, gentle. beautiful, & bombproof. This horse was honestly represented to us &, although we did not meet him before he was delivered to by Fran, there was no doubt that she was honest about my horse & concerned that we received exactly the horse we wanted. He was delivered safe to the stables in Flagstaff where I board & the whole business deal was professional & carried out in an exemplary manner. I was absolutely satisfied with the service she gave to myself & my family. In buying horses, the purchaser needs to be so careful! There are so many dishonest "horse traders" out there that it is easy to make a mistake & end up with a horse that is nothing but a problem. With Fran you will get honesty & someone who cares!

February 24, 2010 by Amy Vining in Flagstaff, AZ


First thanks for all your help and being so nice, even when you were busy! I

think Linda is going to miss your place and visiting you all more than Billy or

myself combined. I know we'll be up to visit, if just to trailer Billy for practice for a

short trip. Any excuse will do and whenever you get the chance you should

drop in and we will be thrilled to see you &

catch up. When ever the topic comes up where and how we found Bill I can't

say enough about the whole experience and The Good Shepherd Ranch I'm

sure you will continue to do well. You can always find a sterling

recommendation should a need arise. I look forward to seeing you soon and at

every opportunity. Thanks again! Keith

February 24, 2010 by LINDA & KEITH RUSSEL in Tucson, AZ

My experience at Good Shepherd Ranch

I have been with Good Shepherd Ranch for about 7 years now and it has been a blast to work with Francine I have learned a lot and have done a lot with her and the business and the horses. I have watched Good Shepherd Ranch start and grow to the business it is today. I have seen many satisfied customers leave with great horses and see how pleased and happy with their horses they are. It is wonderful to have a faith run business out here in Three Pionts it shows that good people come from everyhwere. I look forward to doing more work with Good Shepherd and Francine in the years to come and see how much more this businesswill grow, and to see many more pleased and happy customers get the horses they want.

February 23, 2010 by Amber Annis in Tucson, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks Amber for the great review! You have been a part of making Good Shepherd ranch what it is today & you have been a great friend, & I am very greatful for your friendship, for the time you have put in for us & for being there when I needed you most. Thanks always!" - February 24, 2010 

Good Shepard Ranch

Franchesca has work on three horses we'd had, and we were there to see many more sold and trained. She did an outstanding job on every horse we personally laid our hands on, even in some of the most difficult situations. I also dicovered that both Dave and Francesca were of high character, and not only easy to stand by in harder times for them, but they were always ready to stand by me when I needed it. You will find them dependable, hard working, capable of completing the work they promise, and fair.

February 22, 2010 by John Montgomery in Columbus, OH

Merchant Response: "Thanks John, we sure do really miss you! Can't wait to have you stay with again! Thanks for the great reveiw! You are such a great friend!" - February 24, 2010


I adore my new horse, thanks for him but how do I vaccinate & deworm him when it is time?

Angel, February 22, 2010

Merchant Reply:

Howdy Angel, glad you love him. when he is due just give me a call & I will do it for you & teach you also.

February 22, 2010


Francesa thanks for selling me a great horse! you are VERY sweet & represented the horse honestly which is a very hard thing to find.

I have purchased & sold many horses over the years, now am just looking for a good horse to retire with. At my age after getting thrown & kicked I was very picky & hard to deal with but you did. So thanks for providing for me the right horse.

You know, I have seen how much good you have done for horses & your clients, you are wonderful.

With my experience I know it is impossible to please everyone out there especially with horse people! But I can see & have heard how much you try.

You tried very hard to find me the horse I wanted & needed, you gave such a great effort to help me & I can't thank you enough.

No one else has ever given me the time & help you did, so again thank you & I will ALWAYS recommend you to anyone I can!

PLEASE continue to do what you do so I can send more folks your way because you are the only one I trust in this market

February 22, 2010 by FRANK in Tucson, AZ

Merchant Response: "Howdy Frank, Thanks for putting the time in to write me such a good review, you are a great customer! You are more than welcome & I will help you out anytime you need me! You really have been great & I learned a thing or two from your previous business experience. I should be the one thanking you so Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me & I am so pleased you love your new horse, it makes me happy that he got such a great home with you! Thanks again & happy trails!" - February 22, 2010


Hi Guys,

Just want to thank you again for Smokey. He has been alot of fun and everyone here likes him as much as I do. My daughter rode him along side a busy road and he never even flinched. What a good horse! I hope to see you again as I know that I can trust what you tell me concerning our equine friends. I know where to find what I am looking for in the future should I want to get another horse to hang with our Smokey.

February 20, 2010 by Sherry Thompson in Cave Creek, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks Sherry for your nice words, we really appreciate it. I am glad you gave Smokey such a great loving home. Anything you need in the future please let us know. " - February 21, 2010 



BARBARA, February 21, 2010

We Love Stetson!

Francesca was very honest with us and spent half a day with us. She took me on a trail ride and didn't make me feel rushed into a decision. We really like our Stetson. He is just how she told us he would be...really brave on trail and never freshens up. Thank you!

February 15, 2010 by Don & Becky Taylor in Queen Creek, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks for giving Stetson a great loving home, you got such an awesome horse. We miss using him here but we are glad you love him & are using him. You are great folks. Thanks again." - February 21, 2010

I am familiar with Good Shephered and thankful you for the work.

WILLIAM ALDERMAN, February 21, 2010

Your place is so nice! It is nice to know some honest & really knowlegable horse people in the business! Thanks for your time & help. I will HIGHLY recommend you to all of my equine pals.



You have the most beautiful trail land I have ever rode on. Thanks for the ride on your beautiful horses!

Anonymous, February 03, 2010

you guys sell really nice horses & do great rescue work.

hanna, February 01, 2010



February 01, 2010 by Tina in Concho, AZ

Thank you

I bought a rescue horse from Franchesca sight unseen, picked him up this weeknd rhode him & I tell you he was everything thing the gal said he was.They do such great things with their horses down there, I especially like the fact that with the money they made on the rescure horse from me will go towards the rescue of more horses! Way to go, you do great things for our sacret horses.

good luck in the future & thanks again.

February 01, 2010 by Gary S. in Snowflake, AZ

Purchased horses

Okay, I have to say the horses we got from good shepard ranch are awesome. Got one for the wife & one for me. They really did a great job of selling us the right horses!


February 01, 2010 by TOM & JENNIFER in Queen Creek, AZ

Angels Do Exist

I had the worst luck finding the right horse. We had bought several from private sellers and ended up with all kinds of problems and issues, including one that was drugged. How I wish we had just gone to Francesca originally. Once I did, she found me the right horse and she found me my best friend. It hasn't been easy to say the least!

Francesca has always been patient and kind, she handles the horses with much love and with a knack that most of us don't possess. She has always been upfront and honest, helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to find the perfect match. She has always made herself available and willing to work with any situation.

I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a horse. There's no puff and smoke, what she says is what it is and she always wants to do the right thing even if it means going out of her way to do it. I completely trust Francesca.

God Bless you Francesca , we need more like you.

October 12, 2009 by Tracy Davis in Tucson, AZ

Business with the Good Shepherd Ranch.

I have bought two Paint Mares from the Good Shepherd Ranch. I am very happy to say, I am very pleased with both and how helpful the owner was. We received our last gift from the Ranch on Sept. 05, 2009, which is our long awaited filly out of one of the Stallions at the Ranch, Slash RS Patriot. She has beautiful color and confirmation with a sweet dispostition to boot. Both Mares were as discribed in the ad, no surprises. I was even able to have one of them transported by the Ranch to my home and was able to meet the great people who run it. I am considering having some more finishing training for one of the mares done and though it is a great distance from me, would like to have it done at the Good Shepherd Ranch as well. I like how the horses were handled there, obviously with great care as attributed by the nature/behavior of the mares. I may also have my filly started there in the future. Thanks to Francesca for all your work and help! I hope to be able to visit you soon.

October 05, 2009 by Susan Casenave in Flagstaff, AZ

Merchant Response: "Thanks Susan for your awesome review. You are too cool! We really appreciate your kind words! Anything you need in the future please let us know. We are here for you & all of your horsey needs!" - October 05, 2009

You Can't Go Wrong!

We have purchased horses, sold horses, used Good Shepherd (Francesca) as a Trainer, for lessons, breeding her study to our mare, purchasing tack and just plain, good old advice. She has been totally honest with us and has gone out of her way to accommodate us with all of our needs. It has been a great pleasure to do business with Good Shepherd and Fracesca. You can't go wrong using Good Shepherd for all of your horse related needs.

September 16, 2009 by Bill & Tamera Turner in Amado, AZ

Merchant Response: "Bill & Tamera I am so blessed to have customers/friends like you! You have been so wonderful to deal with & are such fun to be around. You have only good things to say & always have such a positive attitude about everything. You are both so awesome & I will be here for you & the horses whenever you need me! God bless you! Thanks for everything. " -

September 17, 2009 

I love my new horse! Can't wait to see him again on Sunday.

Thank you for all your help, it was fun!

Suzanne, February 24, 2010


I purchased a horse from a private seller in my area. They lied to me & sold me a terrible horse. I wished I would have known about the good sheppherd ranch back then. If I would have known about them back then I would have not got screwed with this horse.

But thank God for good folks at the good sheppherd ranch, they sold me a good horse that I could use right away & trained my previous one that was terrible. Now I own both horses & am happy with both. If it were not for franchesca at the good sheppherd ranch I would be at a loss with the first horse I purcased & would never trust anyone in the horse industry again. They are a heaven sent.

They are a good place to deal with. Good people!

2009 by Nancy in Payson, AZ

Thumbs up


just wanted to say that I have sent 8 of my horses to the good sheperd ranch for training & they have done a spectacular job with every one of them.

I was a professional trainer in Montana before coming to Tucson & am now to old to train my own. They train them the way I like & are always honest & fair.

I have also bred several of my mares with their stallions & I am always pleased with the quality of crop their stallions produce with my quarter horse mares. I am a quarter horse fan, don't care for fancy color too much but am a big fan of paints since breeding to their stallions. Their stallions have great minds & amaze me every time I use them or spend time with them. One of the foals from their stallions I have put into reining & am very pleased.

2009 by TIM in Scottsdale, AZ

yee ha - way cool, thanks for the awesome trail ride! We had blast. Way fun, it was so cool being able to gallop for the 1st time!

2009 by Alan in Tucson, AZ

Cool - So nice to deal with you Franchessca. You are such a nice gal! Thanks for helping me & my wife out so much. Thanks for selling us a horse my wife would be safe & comfortable on. The lessons really helped her out so much, you did such a good with her & I can not beleive you got her riding again after her accident. We are so happy & could not have done it without your help & our new boy Jack.

2009 by Ryan in Tucson, AZ

WOW! - Good Shephard ranch has been so pleasant to deal with. I have been an experienced horse woman now for 40+ years. They placed me with the right horse & helped me find the right gear for me & my horse at such great prices & really great quality. They are so helpful & so friendly always.

They are honest & I love their policy with the horses they sell, if you buy the horse & it doesn't work out just bring the horse back to them & they will resell it & search until they find you the right horse. They really care for the horses & their customers! They have a very nice user friendly facility with GREAT trails out of their back yard! I bred my broodmare to their stallion last year & was so pleased with the quality & demeanor of the foal. I will be using GSR for as long as I can. They are so resourceful & helpful in every way. I HIGHLY recommend them for any or all of your equine needs!

I have had MANY bad experiences in the equine industy & they are a breath of fresh air to deal with.

2009 by Linda S. in Tucson, AZ

Trail Ride - Loved the trail ride on Sunday it was so nice!

Linda 2009

Horses - Our family has purchased 3 horses from the Good Shepherd Ranch & I have to say that we are so pleased! They are great horses. We highly recommend them.

They also did a great job breaking my colt.

Dan 2008

Oh Boy! - Have to say I am so pleased with how thay do business. I bought the horse I wanted from them, that they tried to talk me out of because they knew she wasn't right for me. But despite my stupid effort to pick the most pretty one, I picked wrong. The horse was exactly what they said. Which I was surprised to meet an honest horse person. So even though I did not listen to them they were not mad & still took the horse back. They honored their bring back garuntee even though it was my mistake not theirs. So they sold that horse for me & have since personally picked out the right horse for me. I can't beleive how much they did for me & have been there for me every step of the way, despite my stupidity.

I highly recommend Good Shephard ranch to anyone for all their horsey needs.

Thanks so much.

P.S. I am so happy with my new horse, you were right all along he is exactly what I needed & wanted after all.

by Lynette AZ 

Higly recomended

I bought a mare & a gelding from the Good Shepherd Ranch & we are so pleased with the quality of their animals for the price! They have great facilities & they have helped me out so much. They found me a great deal on a saddle & tack, they even delivered the horses for me. I had to do nothing, they took care of everything for me & my new horses.

They are very knowledable & me being a horseman for over 30 years now have learned some things from them.

I highly recommend them, especially if you are a 1st time horse buyer they will really help you & guide you in the right direction.

Thanks guys!

2009 by Richard G. in Tucson, AZ 

These guys are awesome! Made me a very happy horseman!

Good Shepherd Ranch is the best place I have ever dealt with. I am a first time horse owner & they have more then helped me every step of the way. They helped find me the perfect horse oor me & the right tack. They helped find me everything I needed under my small budget I had saved up. They are always here for me when I need them, even when I have the dumbest questions they make me feel good about it.

They are great people!

I have been with Good Shepherd Ranch for 3 years now & continue to be happy with them, my horse, everything!

Thanks guys for making me a very happy horseman!

by Randy in Tucson, AZ

Awesome horses!!!

Our family has purchased 3 horses from the Good Shepherd Ranch & I have to say that we are so pleased! They are great horses, with great temperments. We highly recommend them.

They also did a great job at breaking a friends colt.

November 28, 2008 by Brady


Bred my 2 mares to their stallions last year. I could not be more pleased with the quality of their stallions & what they produced for me!


What we think of Good Shepherd Ranch

Great place, good people, excellent horses!




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