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Our policies & Other Info

Vet Checks Welcome

at buyers expense

Out of state? Coggins & Health certificate available 

at buyers expense  


(Trade/Consignment Info)


However we are still offering Partial trades/trade in's! 

Usually trades will be a partial credit but we NEVER do straight across trades!

The partial trade credit will apply toward the purchase of a Good Shepherd horse.

Credit depends on your animal, we take into consideration: Age, size, behavior, training needs, visual appeal, & what you value your horse at.


We also take in donated horses. 



{Payment info} 


We offer a 5% discount off of the total sale/Adoption price of a horse if purchased with CASH!

 (Does not apply toward checks, money orders or credit/debit cards, only cash)

***We do accept credit cards***

If paying in full with credit card we are happy to do so but there will be a

3%-5% fee that will be added on total amount -

compliments of the credit card company! 

We also accept checks!



We can hold a horse if you would like with a credit card over the phone, cash or check.

Deposits will not be refunded under any circumstance 

If you left a deposit or are wanting to put a deposit on a horse to have them held we can do so with a credit card over the phone but all & any deposits will not be refunded under any circumstance regardless of any situation!

Your deposit will hold/reserve your horse for one week or until arrangements have been made for delivery/pick up.

Your deposit is non refundable in any situation, but if you should not take said horse for any reason we will apply/transfer your deposit to any Good Shepherd horse. Your deposit/credit will never expire & will only be applied toward the purchase price on one of our horses. 


Even though we do not refund deposit's we can put your deposit towards the purchase of another horse.

In other words - if the horse you left a deposit on is not what you expected in person, not a good fit, or you change your mind for any reason, we will put your deposit toward any of our horses as a credit, but we will not refund deposits!

So you will not loose your deposit, but a refund is out of the question.

If you do leave a deposit with us you will receive a receipt via email or paper copy. 

For details please contact!





Deposit holds are as follows:

We require 10% of the horses purchase price put down your deposit will hold the horse.

Anything over a week will have to be arranged.

Please call for details! 

After one week Board fee's will apply for the duration of the horses stay on the Good Shepherd Ranch property. 


Equipment/Tack Purchases

For any type of Equipment including but not limited to: 

Buggies, Saddles, Tack & Harness's

They are non-refundable but can be exchanged (within 1 week of purchase)

for something of lessor or of equal value. No exceptions! 



Hauling is available

Most places in Tucson we charge a flat rate of $100

Anything outside of Tucson city limits will be additional




Depending on the price of the horse & deposit put down the allowed payment time will be no more than 1 month. Different arrangements may or may not be accepted depending on discretion of the Good Shepherd Ranch owners/staff. 

If allowed to make payments on a horse, the horse may not leave Good Shepherd Ranch property until 100% paid off including board, training fee's, or any other fee's that might occur.

Other fee's for example: lessons, farrier, vaccines, dewormer, etc...

While the horse is in our care the buyer of the horse may visit or ride in our arena & outside of the Ranch on our trails if accompanied by one of us here at the Good Shepherd Ranch.

Full Care Board rates at $300 per month will apply. 

The board fee's include:

Hay fed 2 x daily, guided trail rides once a week, & regular exercise for your horse. 

If lessons are needed that will be additional.




Trying horses for possible

purchase and/or trail rides

Whether you are trying a horse to buy, on our property or out on trail please keep in mind rides are at your OWN risk & we will not be responsible for injury or property damage.

We will require a release form for each rider.





We are an equine facility! All activities on these grounds are subject to the Equine Inherent Risk Law. AZ statue s 12-553. By your presence on these grounds you have indicated that you have accepted the limits of liability resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. By signing our waiver you are regarded as a participant and limited by the INHERENT RISK LAW.  

12-553Limited liability of equine owners and owners of equine facilities; exception; definitions

A. An equine owner or an agent of an equine owner who regardless of consideration allows another person to take control of an equine is not liable for an injury to or the death of the person if:

1. The person has taken control of the equine from the owner or agent when the injury or death occurs.

2. The person or the parent or legal guardian of the person if the person is under eighteen years of age has signed a release before taking control of the equine.

3. The owner or agent has properly installed suitable tack or equipment or the person has personally tacked the equine with tack the person owned, leased or borrowed. If the person has personally tacked the equine, the person assumes full responsibility for the suitability, installation and condition of the tack.

4. The owner or agent assigns the person to a suitable equine based on a reasonable interpretation of the person's representation of his skills, health and experience with and knowledge of equines.

B. Subsection A does not apply to an equine owner or agent of the equine owner who is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions.

C. An owner, lessor or agent of any riding stable, rodeo ground, training or boarding stable or other private property that is used by a rider or handler of an equine with or without the owner's permission is not liable for injury to or death of the equine or the rider or handler.

D. Subsection C does not apply to an owner, lessor or agent of any riding stable, rodeo ground, training or boarding stable or other private property that is used by a rider or handler of an equine if either of the following applies:

1. The owner, lessor or agent knows or should know that a hazardous condition exists and the owner, lessor or agent fails to disclose the hazardous condition to a rider or handler of an equine.

2. The owner, lessor or agent is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions.

E. As used in this section:

1. "Equine" means a horse, pony, mule, donkey or ass.

2. "Release" means a document that a person signs before taking control of an equine from the owner or owner's agent and that acknowledges that the person is aware of the inherent risks associated with equine activities, is willing and able to accept full responsibility for his own safety and welfare and releases the equine owner or agent from liability unless the equine owner or agent is grossly negligent or commits wilful, wanton or intentional acts or omissions. 




Purchase Policies


Applies to all Horses & Buyers

First of all we thank you & we appreciate you choosing a Good Shepherd Ranch horse! 

Our goal is to properly place horses - we want owner & horse to be happy.

You are more than welcome to bring your trainer, vet, friends, or any persons you feel fit to judge the animal. 

If horse is not registered we don't guarantee age.

But in saying that when the horse sells & the Purchase agreement contract is signed - it is your horse.

But we will take the horse back for any reason, no questions asked.

Therefore you can not straight trade or get your money back on the horse under any circumstance.

If you are allowed to make payments on a horse you will be required to pay the full balance regardless of any outcome.

No money (including deposit's) under any circumstance shall be refunded even if making payments.


Besides companion horses (which are ground handled only), The Riding/Driving Horses that leave here are extensively trained/handled by us here at the Good Shepherd Ranch so if you purchased/adopted a horse from us & feel you are having trouble or running into problems with your horse, most likely it rider/handler error. 

So if you feel you have picked the wrong horse, please come to us or someone with wisdom & experience to help you. We would be HAPPY to train with you & your horse in person.

*Training costs will apply* 

It is our mission to be honest regarding every horse that comes through us, with that in mind I would also like to state that they are independently thinking animals & may not be consistent in behavior.

Horses may exhibit certain behaviors or problems that we were not aware of, does not mean we were dishonest in any way! Horses react differently with environment change & owner/handler change.

We will bring to your attention everything to our knowledge regarding the animal! 

The behavior of the animal depends on its feed changes, location, handler, previous past, etc....

All Horses are Purchased in a as-is or with all faults condition!

If animal is not registered with a breed association then the age/breed of animal is acquired based on an educated guess, we don't guarantee the age/breed of the animal.

Buyer understands and acknowledges that buyer has the right to have a pre-purchase examination performed by the veterinarian of his or her choice at his or her expense prior to execution of this agreement.

In the event buyer elects not to have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase examination of said horse as described, buyer waives any and all rights, claims or causes of action against seller for any patent or latent defects pertaining to the animal described!

Buyer is responsible for cost of Board/care @ $10 - per day/per horse, until horse leaves Good Shepherd Ranch property. Buyer responsible for hauling or cost of hauling horse!

All horses are Provided/Purchased AS IS 

*Deposits are non-refundable*

No you can not change your mind & no you can not be refunded!

So please don't ask!



Under no circumstance will any money be refunded or full trades given!!!!


 Purchasing sight Un-seen

If buyer is purchasing horse without seeing horse in person (via internet or phone) then Buyer understands that Horse might be different than customers predetermined expectations. Buyer understands that the animal may not look exactly as they did through pictures or descriptions.

Buyer is responsible for any & all out of state hauling exspenses including coggin's/health certificate!

Buyer understands that he or she is taking the risk of Buying animal regardless of the results he or she might experience handling the animal. Buyer understands risk's that he or she is excepting without actually being with animal before purchase! 



If you did or did not purchase an animal from us & would like some help or just a tune up, we would love to help you!

You can haul your horse here to us & pay by the hour for our time.

We are yours for the whole day if you would like, we will not limit you as long as you schedule an appointment in advance.

If you would rather us come out to you we can but there will be a fuel charge + time. 


If you have any questions or would like more info please email


or call 520-990-2041



 We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing Horses a purpose & a place.

Not only are we an Equine facility we are also a wedding & event venue!

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.



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