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Want to feel real Horsepower?!


Here at the Good Shepherd Ranch we offer equine driving lessons for experienced drivers just trying to get a refresher or for the beginner who wants to learn about this amazing art! 

Good Shepherd Ranch driving lessons will include the following:

  • Learn the parts of harness & how to harness

  • Learn how to safely hook up to a buggy or wagon

  • Learn to safely drive/maneuver a horse & buggy or a wagon team

  • Get hands on experience and drive our amazing, well trained horses here at Good Shepherd Ranch

The GSR School of Driving is open year round to work with people of all ages who want to learn how to drive horses the first time or who have been driving but want to improve their skills for pleasure, work or commercial businesses. We have plenty of horses here to use for lessons. Using a horse from Good Shepherd? First 2 lessons are free with the purchase of Good Shepherd Horse. 

The benefits to learning the art of driving are amazing! If you are not comfortable riding a horse but love these magnificent animals then learning to drive is a great way to connect with your horse! Driving will also provide an additional job for your horse as well that gives them great exposure as well as discipline. 

Driving is also something you can do with the whole family!

Come make a vacation out of it, bring your entire family! Our 136 acre Farm is full of big, beautiful horses & only 30 minutes from the amazing & super fun Branson, Mo. Treat your family to an experience you will all remember for a lifetime. You will learn to harness, hook & drive horses. Besides the knowledge you will gain, this is a great for team/family building skills. Play with horses at the Farm for a couple hours a day then swing over to Branson for amazing food, great hotels, theme parks, evening shows that are wholesome & super fun for the ENTIRE family! 

$125 per person per hour

Discounts for larger groups


Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to learn how to drive?

That depends on you and your ability to grasp what we have to teach. We suggest at least 10-14 lessons to be comfortable with the basics, but it may take longer depending on what you want to do. Once you understand the different use of the reins (lines) for communication, then the art of driving can begin. There is a lot to learn so schedule as much time as you can. If you can only take a few lessons at a time - you should have all the basics down. Some people can go home and drive a well trained horse after 6 to 7 lessons, but it is like anything else - you just can't learn it all right away. It takes time and practice to be safe and efficient.



You can have a private clinic for yourself or your group. This is for people who want to spend the entire day learning as much as they can about harnessing, hitching and driving horses. This will include lots of hands-on driving experience; how to get a better response from the driven horse; question and answer time; safety considerations; horse types and abilities; the horse's way of thinking and responding; what the horse needs are from the driver.



Make a fun vacation out of it! We are only 30 minutes from the amazingly fun Branson, Mo! There are very affordable & clean motels within 20 minutes and restaurants within 10 minutes. We can take a limited amount of RV's. There is also other RV campgrounds near by. For a list of recommended hotel please email



The lessons vary with each student. Everyone has different interests and levels of ability so we work with each individual to offer them what they need the most. We will briefly cover harnessing, fitting and adjustments, but we focus mostly on hands-on-driving. We are very flexible in the lessons and we try to accommodate your individual goals and requirements. You may drive a single horse or a well matched pair.


What horses will be used during the lessons?

We usually have a variety of horses to drive including draft horses (Clydesdales, Belgians, Percherons, etc.....) , cross breeds, light horses and ponies. 


Can driving lessons be gifted to someone?

We do offer gift certificates! just let us know how many hours you want and we can set up the arrangement. Its a great gift for everyone!

To Book your driving lessons please contact us at 520-981-3525 or email us at

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