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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses

(520) 990-2041 

Place or Donate/Re-Home your Horse

Are you looking to place or re-home your horse? 

Have you thought about placing or getting a horse with us?

We have successfully been placing horses since 1999 

Good Shepherd Ranch takes in horses:
Have a horse that is too much, not fitting in, needs training, can't be afforded, or simply just needs a new home, new purpose, or new job?

We are not a 5013c/non-for profit, 
but WE ARE an Equine placement facility!
We take NO government help, assistance or Tax breaks! 
But WE DO work hard & put all of our effort into training & placing every Equine that comes into this facility. The Good Shepherd Ranch is a facility built for Horses & their well-being. It's owners, volunteers, & those who dedicate any time at the Ranch, 
do so for every Equine that comes through here!

We do take donations - 100% of which  goes back into feed, supplements, equine care/maintenance or facility improvement. 
And every Equine that comes into this facility will have specialized, one on one care, training & love. 

Good Shepherd Ranch places horses:
Thinking of adding that special equine to your life?
Good Shepherd Ranch always has lovely horses available. 

Each horse that is ready to be re-homed has gone through many hours of our training program & one on one time - on the ground and/or in the saddle, on & off the trails. 

Whether the horses that come through here are donated or purchased for re-sale, makes no difference in the quality of horse you will receive from us. And it makes no difference in the quality of home they deserve. All are created equal here & we will do all we can to create a happy, balanced horse. As well as require a "Right fit home"! 

*Please ask for an Adoption/Match maker Application*

For details please email us at 
or call us at 

We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing all Horses a purpose & a place.

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.

**With us - when you Adopt OR purchase one you help many more**

When working with us, your supporting a Christian Family & local business!

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This is the best ranch ever who understands horses and truly cares about their well being and getting them to the best forever home possible. It was the most emotional time relinquishing a horse I cared for, but not until I saw the results in his care and well being , that I will always be grateful to Good Shepard Ranch. I will support this ranch and give them donations as they are doing the BEST job and it will be the only horse rescue I will recommend.
Donna DiDio-Cochran 
She took in two of my cutting horses when I could no longer financially care for them, finished their training and placed them in excellent homes

Catherine Lilbit Devine

A kind woman with a heart of gold. Using their love for horses and people as a ministry to bless others. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Looking to adopt a horse or need help re-homing? Looking for a beautiful team and carriage for your wedding? This is the only place you need to call. You won't be disappointed

Christy Glover

Thank you so much for your kindness and taking in my mare. I love your place and what you do for these horses!

Yvette Dolan

The good shepherd ranch is the only horse rescue I will recommend to anyone needing to re-home their horse. They are so understanding and truly understand the emotions involved when having to say good bye to a faithful friend. The ranch is so peaceful and you really feel the spirit of love there. I will be happy to share any information one may want if considering re-homing their horse with Good Shepherd ranch. .... I know my horses got their perfect home, thank you so much Good shepherd ranch♡♡♡♡♡

Joyce Lapera

They are a great facility and find homes for animals needing a change or have no homes. Very compassionate and know how to deal with many kinds of behavior. Can't say enough good things about them.

Karen Hughes-Dahlgren

Best ranch I've been too and I have visited them all. So glad I adopted from them. They do an amazing job at rehabilitation and training with the horses. Wished I could rate them 10 stars.

Cheri Miller 

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