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The Good Shepherd Ranch

A Unique Venue & Equine Facility~

(520) 990-2041 

Place or Donate/Re-Home your Horse

Are you looking to place or re-home your horse? 

Have you thought about placing or getting a horse with us?

We have successfully been placing horses since 1999 

Good Shepherd Ranch takes in horses:
Have a horse that is too much, not fitting in, needs training, can't be afforded, or simply just needs a new home, new purpose, or new job?

We are not a 5013c/non-for profit, 
but WE ARE an Equine placement facility!
We take NO government help, assistance or Tax breaks! 
But WE DO work hard & put all of our effort into training & placing every Equine that comes into this facility. The Good Shepherd Ranch is a facility built for Horses & their well-being. It's owners, volunteers, & those who dedicate any time at the Ranch, 
do so for every Equine that comes through here!

We do take donations - 100% of which  goes back into feed, supplements, equine care/maintenance or facility improvement. 
And every Equine that comes into this facility will have specialized, one on one care, training & love. 

Good Shepherd Ranch places horses:
Thinking of adding that special equine to your life?
Good Shepherd Ranch always has lovely & available horses. 

Each horse that is ready to be re-homed has gone through many hours of our training program & one on one time - on the ground and/or in the saddle, on & off the trails. 

Whether the horses that come through here are donated or purchased for re-sale, makes no difference in the quality of horse you will receive from us. And it makes no difference in the quality of home they deserve. All are created equal here & we will do all we can to create a happy, balanced horse. As well as require a "Right fit home"! 

*Please ask for an Adoption/Match maker Application*

For details please email us at 
or call us at 

We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing Horses a purpose & a place.

Not only are we an Equine facility we are also a wedding & event venue!

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.

Support this Family, local business & placement facility!

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