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Breed: Registered Clydesdale

Age: 3 

Height: 16 hands growing

Contact: James 520-981-3525


Registered with The Clydesdale association

Rides and drives - double or single

Cadet has a lovely build, he's a little lighter and more athletic built.

Rides great double, triple or single, traffic safe, easy going, will cross the river, will lead or follow on trails. Rides alone great, will also split from the other horses out on trails.

Cadet takes a saddle or harness & collar great.

He's also great with kids & has been part of our Clydesdale experience which involves alot of the public around him and he handles crowds and children very well. He loves the attention.

Our kids have ridden him and played with him and he does great babysitting.

Cadet has a great walk, trot & lovely canter. He's also soft in the bridle, will work off leg and verbal commands. Rides bareback!

For videos of Cadet click on his playlist below:

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