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Details about The Good Shepherd Ranch

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Owners David & Francesca Alliman

We are now located in the Ozark Mountains, near Branson, Mo. 

By Phone:

1 (520) 981-3525


1 (520) 990-2041

Visiting The Ranch

Thinking of a visit

Want to visit the Good Shepherd Ranch?

We would be happy to have you!

Please just keep in mind we go by appointment only.

There is never a dull moment around here.

So we can accommodate you, please schedule a visit.

Appointment info

Info to schedule a visit

*Appointments - Would love to have you. We do go by appointment only. So please call or email to schedule your visit. 

*Our visiting hours - are by appointment only but can be scheduled on the following days between listed hours, if available:

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

*Wednesdays - we don't take appointments

Thursdays 9am-6pm

Fridays 9am-6pm

Saturdays 9am-6pm

*Sundays - we observe the Sabbath & devote our day to God & spending time with family. 

About us

A little more about us

Behind it all

The Good Shepherd Ranch is a family owned/ran business that was Established in 1999

Owned/Operated by:

The Alliman Family: David, Francesca & their 3 girls - Tiffany, Natalee, & Jessie.

Jessie & The family are so grateful & passionate about their work with the horses.

The Alliman's work everyday to build on the Ranch, for their Family & for every horse or guest that crosses our path.

Our mission:

*To match well trained, sound & sane horses to great families or individuals.

*To share our knowledge & experience 

Working to leave a very positive impact on the Horse industry.

We are a Family owned & operated business!

Good Shepherd Horses have been making families happy in all 50 states, & international as well!  

Every horse that comes through our facility is carefully evaluated for temperament, sanity & soundness.

Although Horses are our passion, Jesus is our center, family following, then Horses. And when you purchase a horse from us, that horse receives great training, all of our passion, & 50+ years of  combined experience. 

You are also getting a horse that has been super well cared for. 

We specialize in excellent Trail & Driving horses. In our program we focus on riding our horses on/off the trails, out with groups, out alone, & working under harness as well.  


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