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Rescued & Horses in Re-Hab
Our latest (critical) rescue: meet Huesos aka Hue, (Spanish for bones) Think we got him just in time....I hope. Putting him back together, starting today. Bad feet, super underweight, needs dental work done, has worms, needs vaccines, has allot of sand in his belly....needs complete rehabilitation. Credit to Gilfrey transport for helping us get him to Good Shepherd Ranch. If you would like to sponsor this guy or help in any way please email [email protected], call 520 990 2041 or go to http://www.thegoodshepherdranch.com/apps/donations/

Thanks to Francine for your generous donation to Re-Hab this guy!

{Horses in need}

We take in neglected, unwanted or horses that simply need a new home (donated horses). If they need TLC or training we are here to help get them in good shape & placed to a good home. 

Please let us know if you or someone you know has a horse that needs rescue, can't be afforded, taken care of anymore or simply just needs a new home. We will keep everything confidential & promise great care to the horse!

For every horse we rescue or take in as a donation will be adopted to a worthy home.

The money/adoption fee's earned will go towards the rescue & care of more horses in need.

*Please email [email protected] or call us at 520-990-2041 for more info* 

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If you wish to adopt one of our horses when the right fit comes available please email us for an adoption application. 


Below is a list of our current rescue horses or horses that have been donated to our program that need caring, loving homes & are available for adoption.

 Even if they are not listed we always have horses available for adoption!

Please email for more info 

[email protected]

or call 520-990-2041


 We have some new sweet Babies that are rescue's.

The Colt before:



After Re-hab here
The Filly Before:
The Filly after Re-hab here

These babies are now 100% and have been adopted
To all who have sponsored & supported us in Re rehabilitating them.
***Thank you***





**Taking adoption applications** 
Please email us for an Adoption application if interested in adopting from us now or in the future. Even if they are not listed on our web site we always have riding & companion horses available for adoption.
Not interested in adopting but want to help?
You can sponsor any of our horses or, 
if you would like to make a donation please go to:


Please check back or sign up for our newsletter at [email protected]  

to be notified of what we  have up & coming for adoption


Whether these horses are donated or rescue's that come to us in need makes no difference. They still need homes & when you support them with a donation or adopt them you are helping these horses. By donating or paying the asking adoption fee you are enabling us to continue our re homing/rehabilitation program for other horses as well.  

Good Shepherd Ranch is trying to help save as many horses as possible from bad situations or abuse.

 These horses are great horses & just need some TLC. Our goal is to get them healthy, provide training if needed & find them their new forever home.

With every Rescue horse we adopt out/place to their new home we take & use 100% of the donation's or Adoption fee's for the sole purpose of helping other horses in need. 

But it does gets costly with vet care, farriers, wormers, feed, supplements, etc......We would appreciate any donation, whether it is cash, or feed. We will even take in Horses as donations to supplement our program here. If you choose to donate a horse we then train them (if needed), and eventually add them into our adoption program,  we will only adopt your horse to an approved home, and 100% of the adoption fee made will supplement our Rescue/Re-Hab program here! 

We believe horses are one of God's greatest gift to us, so we are compelled to do God's work!
Please show your appreciation for these wonderful animals by helping them through us. 
We appreciate any little bit anyone can give & GREATLY appreciate those who do help us out. 

 If you can help these horses by donating please let us know.

We are in need of just some of these things

1. Senior feed

2. Psyllium

3. Hay (Alfalfa & Bermuda)

4. Vaccines

5. Joint Supplements

6. Dewormers

7. Mineral & Salt blocks

8. Beet pulp pellets

If you would like to help but are unable to make a feed donation you can mail any size contribution to:
c/o Good Shepherd Ranch
Rescue horse program
12880 South Baldwin Lane
Tucson, Az 85736
or go to

We would greatly appreciate & be thankful for your support towards our rescue mission in helping these horses!

To get more info please contact 

Francesca at 520-990-2041 

or  email

[email protected]


 We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing Horses a purpose & a place.

Not only are we an Equine facility we are also a wedding & event venue!

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.

**With us - when you Adopt one you help many more**

Support this local business & Rescue/Re-hab facility! 





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